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It is not necessary to explain to you how fun, enjoyable and addictive it is to play The Sims 4… But did you know that it can be even better? By adding mods from the Sims 4, or modifications, you can take your games to another level.

There are hundreds of them, but you have to be careful to choose only the ones that work, otherwise you can crash the game. Today we bring you a list of only The Sims 4 mods that are reliable.

Take a look at the best we could get, you can live on Mars, go to school, become violent and even finally measure more than two meters. Are you ready?

Note: At the end of the article there is a section for you to learn how to install the Mods in case you have no idea how to do it.

Sims 4 sorcerer mod

  • Download the mod here .
  • Look for the tag that says “Files.” Click there to see the list and download the latest one.

Become a sorcerer

Fill your world with magic with this modification, you will have available a new personality trait that will allow you to turn your Sim into a Sorcerer. You will have many types of spells available, from mastering fire until they fly and put other Sims to sleep.

Mod new traits Sims 4

Make customization even better!

  • Download the mod here .
  • There are many features to download. Choose the ones you like the most and download them in the section that says “Files”.

If Sims 4 by default brings many personality traits with this mod you can add as many super interesting ones. Download the ones that are more consistent, you will find from one to be fond of video games, even one that will make you a robot part.

Mod Houseboat Sims 4

mod houseboat sims 4

  • Download the mod here .
  • Click on “Files”. First read for which version of The Sims 4 each of the files is and then download the one that corresponds to you.

Build a floating house to your liking

If you download this mod your house will become a floating boat, you will have less space to decorate and remodel, but a unique opportunity to make the home of your dreams. You will have to use all your creativity to decorate it with so little space.

French Village Sims 4 mod

Lives in a French villa

Once you install this mod a most peculiar French Villa will appear in your city. You will feel in a Disney movie, you will have a castle, several houses of different sizes to live in, cafes, some shops, gardens and even a stream, all vintage of course.

Mod go to work with your Sim in Sims 4

 mod go to work sims 4

Experience all the races

You were wondering How to go to work with my Sim? Well, installing this modification , once it is executed it will transform all the careers into active jobs, at time you will have to help your Sim in his office while watching his promotion.

You will also have to working from home every now and then, no more automated work.

Mod to paint new paintings Sims 4

sims 4 paintings mod

  • Download the mod here .
  • In the “Files” section, you will see several files, choose the ones you like the most. In the image above are the references.

Get new paintings in Sims 4

Once your Sim paints about 5 or 6 pictures he begins to repeat them, it is as if his inspiration is running out. With this mod you will be able to choose between all the available paints and decide which ones to insert in your Sim’s artistic head, inspiration will come and he will be able to paint them sporadically.

Mod to live on Mars Sims 4

 live on Mars in the sims 4 mod

Move to a colony on Mars

If you install this mod you will be off to Mars in the blink of an eye. Your house will be inside bubbles connected by tubes to pass oxygen. You will be able to create new spaces and connect them with your house by cubicles, which astronaut movie.

You will also have a community garden where you can meet your extraterrestrial neighbors, who are actually … Humans, like you.

Mod House of the Simpsons in Sims 4

sims 4 mods the simpsons house

Lives in the Simpsons house

This mod is simple: You will live in the Simpsons house, very similar to the one in the series, both inside and out. Of course, this modification does not include Flanders or Santa’s helper, or Mou’s bar Ou!

Sims 4 violence mod

mods of sims 4 violence

Unleash violence in your town with this mod the Sims 4

Add blood and guts to the game, you can hit and attack at will, even make your pets attack some unpleasant visitor in your house. You will be able to make the Sims imagine horror scenes and you will have a lot of dark humor content.

Mood of Venice in Sims 4

venice mod los sims 4

Visit a small version of Venice

A mini Venice will appear on the map , with its habitable houses and local businesses, gondolas and everything you need to take the ride of your life. Take advantage of it to go on a romantic date and you will earn many points with your partner.

Mod change height in The Sims 4

how to change height in sims 4

Customize your height

Make yourself a custom Sim with this mod. Yes, the Sims 4 is known for being able to customize almost everything, but that’s the point… Almost. If you install this modification you can finally give that final touch of realism to the game to choose your height.

Sims 4 School Mod

como ir a la escuela en sims 4

Go to school with your Sims

Control your teenage Sims and children at school, you can use them once you are inside, you will see how they learn, how they improve and how they interact with the rest of the group.

Making friends at school has never been so much fun.

How to install Mods in the Sims 4

install mods sims 4

First of all make sure you always download your mods from trusted sites, like the ones we recommend in this article. Some have compatibility issues with each other, so be sure to read the descriptions first.

Remember that these are mods, not Sims 4 codes , you have to follow the following steps to be able to install them:

  1. Find the Electronic Arts folder in My
  2. You will see inside a folder called Mods .
  3. Download the mods for this guide.
  4. Extract the. zip or .rar files that you downloaded and paste them into the Mods folder.
  5. Enter the game, you will see an activation screen of installed mods .

You are now ready to install and test the best The Sims 4 mods.

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