The best mods of the Witcher 3

To all fans of sorcery, witchcraft and other characteristics of the The Witcher 3 universe. In HDGamers we bring you a manual with new enchantments that will help you improve your experience in the game called mods of The Witcher 3.

They are some files that provide a unique optimization in the vast majority of aspects of the game that, in one way or another, could be improved. It is something really beautiful that you should know and here you present them.

How to install Witcher 3 Mods?

The first thing we should learn about mods The Witcher 3 is how to install them correctly. For this, we bring you a spell that is quite easy to perform.

  • Find the folder where the game is installed.
  • Once in it, you must create a new folder called mods.
  • Inside this new folder you will extract all the mods of The Witcher 3 that you want.
  • Finally, run the game as administrator.

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What do the Witcher 3 mods bring us?

Being such a successful game and acclaimed by the gamer universe , over the years a huge variety of mods of appeared. The Witcher 3 . So, in order not to make such extensive and boring material to read, in HDGamers we decided to bring you a list with the best of the best in the universe mods.

More Shadows

  • This mod adds shadows to every light source you can imagine, like:
    • Torches on the walls and with the guards.
    • Large braziers in cities.
    • Candles.
    • Lamps.
  • Also adjusts drop shadow distances.
    • Autohide for all adjusted light sources.
    • If you have a strong PC, this is one of the best mods to improve immersion.

More Blood

  • Increases the effect of blood in combat.

Critical Slow Motion Combat

  • Slows time every time Geralt lands a critical hit on an enemy
  • Add a more cinematic feel to combat.
  • Improve combat mechanics.

HD Reworked

  • Rework textures and patterns at higher resolutions and brightness.


This mod will demand more resources from your computer.

Fantasy Graphics

  • A new layer of atmosphere through minor adjustments.
  • Rebalance the colors.
  • Remove the blue tint from the game.
  • Saturates most colors.
  • Bloom effects are more expressive.
  • Interior lighting is better.


  • A full review of the monsters in the game is done.
  • It is improved in more than 1000 textures.
  • Visual quality is improved by adding more detail to the creatures.

Debug Console

  • This mod allows you to use the debugging console to use hundreds of console commands.

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Enemies of Rivia

  • Each encounter is much more exciting and challenging.
  • Enemies are smarter and faster
  • Different attacks can be made as they level up.
  • Perfect for a second playthrough .
  • It is ideal if you like challenging combat.


  • This mod is used after each fight and if you want to loot the bodies of your enemies.

Enhanced Edition

  • This is one of the best mods for this game since:
  • Completely reform combat in many areas such as:
  • Increase realism.
  • Immersion without ruining the fun.
  • Remove automatic orientation.

Ghost Mode

  • Change and rebalance a lot of things without taking away from the vanilla experience.
  • The levels of missions and rewards are reworked.
  • Many textual inconsistencies and typographical errors are corrected.
  • New damage formula and combat changes.
  • Reworked economy and ranged combat.


  • Maintains the original feel of the game.
  • Focuses on fixing dip switches.
  • Polish low-performance skills and items.
  • Cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
  • It rebalances some things and makes the world more dangerous.

Increased Draw Distance

  • This mod increases your draw distance (duh).

Realistic Weather

  • Change the weather season with much more realistic aspects in each region of the game.


Requires the Blood and Wine expansion to function.

Is there anything else I should know about The Witcher 3 mods?

In addition to remembering how amazing these mods are. The truth is that there is not much more to comment on them; however, if we still have some relevant data.

The first one is that you remember that there are some mods that require one or another expansion to work. In the case of not having them, the game will generate an error . Likewise, we recommend you review the guides, such as the builds of The Witcher 3 or the tier list that we have previously brought for you.

It is also worth commenting that in the mods folder it is not advisable to generate folders within it to differentiate the files. If you do this, you run the risk of The Witcher 3 mods not working properly . That said, the only thing left is to invite you to enjoy one of the best games that the gamer universe can offer.

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