Best PS4 Games to Enjoy for Mature People

Are you an older single who loves nothing better than escaping into the world of PS4 gaming? Perhaps you’d be interested to meet a fellow gamer? If the answer to both questions is affirmative, you must try out online dating. Here are the steps you need to follow. Firstly, check out reviews of dating services for over 50s. These reviews will point you in the direction of the best platforms to find flirty older gamers. Next, introduce yourself, send messages, and develop a rapport. Finally, arrange to meet up and enjoy some serious PS4 fun! How about a suggestion of the best games to look forward to?

Ghost of Tsushima

Our first PS4 recommendation for older gamers to get immersed in is a contemporary recounting of a Samurai’s voyage. Ghosts of Tsushima does pay homage to veteran Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa’s many cinematic masterpieces focusing on the ancient warrior caste. When the Mongols invade Japan in the 13th century, warrior Jin must develop a new way to deal with the immense threat. This involves going against his longstanding codes of honor – but he must discover new, ruthless and less honorable ways to counter the invaders for the sake of survival. Jin can follow his chosen course by paying attention to the wind direction on the samurai-themed island of Tsushima. This straightforward dynamic means you don’t have to rely on mini-maps or other forms of orienteering that can often slow down the action.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As with its predecessor, the massively-popular Read Dead Redemption, what makes this sequel stand out are its grizzled, fully-realised characters and their strong sense of comradery. The events supposedly take place before the first RDR, explaining how the notorious Van der Linde gang’s enforcer Arthur Morgan came to terms with his wayward but exhilarating life of freedom and violence. Where RDR2 comes into its own is in the wonderfully adrenaline-inducing punch-ups in seedy, dust-caked frontier bars, or when the bullets are whizzing fast and furiously during bank heists. Exploring the wilderness outside the towns, or on the run from vengeful posses, anything can happen to the Stetson-sporting gangsters. 10/10 for the superb graphics, from watching eagles snatching salmon from flowing creeks to poachers being unwitted by ferocious brown bears.


Bloodborne takes the central protagonist, Hunter through Yharnam, a run-down, Gothic-styled city. The catch with this vividly-rendered futuristic metropolis – its citizens are all dying as a result of exposure to a blood-borne infection. Your avatars can explore the myriad wonders of Yharnam, all the while battling monsters and cosmic beings to unearth the cause of the deadly affliction.

Grand Theft Auto V

Does GT5 need much introduction? This phenomenally-successful PS4 juggernaut puts you in charge of three lowlifes, each with distinctive personality traits, carrying out potentially-lucrative but ultra-risky robberies around the vast city of Los Santos, California (based on LA). Ex-convict, Michael is confronted with his past, while Trevor, a former criminal acquaintance, gains power as a drug lord. Portraying baddies never felt this good!

Monster Hunter: World on Steam

This is an ideal game to conclude your senior date night, whisking you and your partner to an incredibly-realised fantasy world, where humans and other beings are eager to colonize a New World. The only problem with this idyllic aspiration is that the world they are all seeking to migrate to is wild and untamed. Researchers have been drawn here to uncover the mysteries of this unexplored dimension, while players have to keep an eye out for the numerous monsters who have been living here, undisturbed, for some time.

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