How to find Roblox Sex Games

Roblox Sex Games are one of the most persecuted and punished games within the community. This is because Roblox Corporation has banned the publication of adult content on its video game creation engine, in the knowledge that its main audience is children and young people.

You can read more about this in the Roblox Terms of Service .

However, this is not to say that sex games on Roblox have completely disappeared. There are still creators who publish this type of erotic worlds, although these are quickly deleted and the associated accounts permanently banned.

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It is important to note that those players who participate in sex games in Roblox also run the risk of losing their accounts, so at HDGamers we do not recommend using this platform to use content of this type.

If despite the above you are still interested in this type of video game, here are some key points.

Finding Roblox Sex Games

The first thing you should know is that there are textual marks that allow you to recognize sexually explicit content on Roblox. These are “sent_con” or “condos” and you won’t be able to find them easily.

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Even when you find a game with these keywords, it is possible that it has already been banned and that you cannot access it.

To overcome this barrier, the most effective is to go to Discord or Twitter and search directly for “Roblox Condo” or variations of this phrase.

It is important that your accounts recognize that you are a +18 person, since otherwise you will not even be able to find these servers. If you are a minor, we recommend that you be very careful with the people you talk to on these sites and that you always have your safety as a top priority.

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