New Types of Tetris Games You Need to Try

Tetris is a classic elementary video title that was invented by a Russian developer but popular in every corner of the globe. The game dates back to 1984 but is still played in its original form today, proving its timeless popularity. In fact, Forbes has even claimed that Tetris will always be the best-selling video game! But it hasn’t just remained the colourful tile-matching game we once knew. New variations have been created throughout the last two decades to add a unique spin to the original idea. Here we take a look at those newer types of Tetris.

Tetris Battle Gaiden

This Japanese variation is incredibly cool because it makes what was always a one-player game into a somewhat social event. You play Tetris against an opponent with both screens in view. There are even special symbols to cause effects on your and the opponent’s board. If you want to play with a friend, this is the best way to do it!

Tetris Extreme Slot

SG Digital, one of the most interesting slot developers around, created and released the Tetris Extreme Slot. This slot title has been tweaked to look a lot more like Tetris, including cascading symbols instead of the standard reel spins. There is a lot to look forward to in the game. For people who are in it to try and win money, they will be pleased to see this exciting slot machine includes a respectable Return to Player (RTP) of 96.31% and there is even a progressive jackpot.

Tetris DS

The game has been brought into the modern world and made a little bit more cuddly in Tetris DS. It includes different modes that can add a twist to what is a straightforward proposition. You can choose from a tug-of-war mode, push mode and a shifting mode – all of which can provide hours of fun. You’ll notice that some of these DS games don’t include the traditional blocks either and instead use small characters. This is just one of the ways that Nintendo has brought back classic video games!

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Earlier we said that Battle Gaiden is fantastic for two-player encounters, but if you want to fill a room and play with lots of laughs along the way, you need to choose Puyo Puyo. It includes a party mode and lots of cool features. And it is super accessible because it can be played on eight different gaming consoles or PC.

Watch Out for the Tetris Effect…

The Tetris Effect is when somebody does something so much that they start to see the things they have been doing when they close their eyes or in their dreams. It can apply to anything, but the term was coined because people started noticing shapes falling when they closed their eyes after playing the game. It is a peculiar phenomenon, but it’s also fascinating!

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