The best romantic video games for older people

There’s a myth perpetrated by Millennials. People reaching a certain age lose interest in exciting things, such as romance, or using computers to enjoy video games. Nothing could be further from the truth! Mature people typically love the Internet – and are using it to find love and play games. Joining a mature dating site is becoming extremely popular. These services make it easy to find ideal partners. Especially older singles sharing an interest in gaming. Chat rooms offer a secure place to meet middle-aged gamers. To give further inspiration, how about suggestions for romantic video games for older players?

The Sims

Sims stands for simulation, and that is the straightforward but hugely addictive aspect of this romantic adventure game for older players. Unlike many traditional video games, the protagonists don’t have specific goals or targets. However, you are faced with a virtual world where you can place your Sims inside homes, and decorate them with furnishings and fittings that can affect their moods. Choose from houses that have already been constructed, or develop your abodes from scratch. This is all great fun, and the perfect way to bring you together on your date night.

Stardew Valley

Older people will relish this video game because its central theme is the characters inheriting a rundown farm from a deceased grandfather. The play is open-ended and focuses on your attempts to build a profitable farm out of the ruins. The characters can perform all the basic farming tasks, such as planting and harvesting crops, fishing, tending livestock, and mining. Socializing with the locals is also permitted, and you might even discover the romantic elements of this entertaining game – marrying and eventually starting a family together.

Final Fantasy X

The 10th instalment of this hugely popular games franchise, X is set in a fantasy world known as Spira, the imagery influenced by Far Eastern cultures (especially Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Pacific islands of Oceania). You control a character named Tidus, a superb athlete, who finds himself in Spira after the destruction of his home city by a monster, Sin. There are different races in this world – as well as humans, there are the amphibious Hypello, and Ronso, who resemble lions. As well as thrilling action sequences, there are sparks of romance between Tidus and Yuna, who has also been tasked with vanquishing Sin.


Florence is aged 25. While going about her daily life, she bumps into Krish, who plays the cello. The animation is deliberately simplistic, allowing players to focus on the main components of this game, solving puzzles. Successfully doing so will allow you to put spark into Florence’s life as she progresses through storylines.

To the Moon

In this delightful video game, a pair of doctors are tasked with fulfilling the wishes of a dying man. To do so, they need to use artificial memories to paint the picture. Again, this is a game that is heavily reliant on puzzle-solving. A core theme of the game is the introduction of artificial memories, which can only be done to patients slipping into comas. These can conflict with actual memories, presenting a moral dilemma. Mementoes are also introduced that can help players bridge the gap between what has been imagined, and what actually happened. Some of the patient’s earliest memories are the most poignant, including a desire to travel to the moon. This game has a big heart and will give you so much to think about on your date night. The dilemmas and triumphs featured are so much more satisfying than a shoot-em-up!

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