Grand Piece Online Devil Fruits

Grand Piece Online, sometimes known as GPO, is an open-world role-playing game on Roblox where you battle foes and finish objectives to level up. You’ll come across gamers in Grand Piece Online with a wide variety of devil fruits as you go on your adventures. Devil fruits are unique fruits that, when consumed, provide strong talents and capabilities. Your character’s devil fruit plays a significant role in how powerful it is. But choosing which devil fruit to employ can be challenging because there are so many different varieties in the game.

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Due to this, we have ranked all devil fruits according to their strength in this Grand Piece Online tier list. In order to receive devil fruit notifiers, which notify you when a devil fruit spawns, be sure to redeem all currently active Grand Piece Online codes.

Grand Piece Online Demon Fruits

Kilo Kilo No Mi – Pound-Pound

Type: Paramecia type Devil Fruit

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Rarity: Common

Passive Ability – Change Weight: Easily alter their weight

E – 1st Move – Kilo Rise

R – 2nd Move – Kilo Descend

Z – 3rd Move – Kilo Crash

Bari Bari No Mi – Barrier Barrier

Type: Paramecia / Natural type Devil Fruit

Rarity: Rare (20%)

Ability – Bullet Resistance – Barriers: creates a variety of obstacles

Passive: Bullet Reflection

E – 1st Move – Barrier Crash: produces a square-shaped barrier in front of you, and you can also hurl it.

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R – 2nd Move – Barrier Sphere: Creates a barrier sphere

Z – 3rd Move – Barrier Stairs: Creates a barrier stairs (it costs 25 stamina)

X – 4th Move – Barrier Cage: creates an airborne barrier cup that can be used as a trap (it costs 45 stamina)

C – 5th Move – Barrier Spikes: Creates a line of barrier spikes (it costs 65 stamina)

Suke Suke No Mi – Clear Clear

Type: Paramecia type Devil Fruit

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Rarity: Common

Ability – Invisibility: Make everything they touch invisible and themselves invisible

E – 1st Move – Self Invisivility: You become invisible, but the duration is determined by endurance

R – 2nd Move – Area Invisivility: makes you and anybody nearby invisible.

Z – 3rd Move – Invisible Rock Throw: Throws invisible rocks (3 Damage)

Guru Guru No Mi – Spin-Spin

Type: Paramecia type Devil Fruit

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Rarity: Common

Passive Ability – Spin: spin various parts of their body at will.

E – 1st Move – Spinning Flight

R – 2nd Move – Spinning Cyclone

Z – 3rd Move – Twister Throw

Mero Mero No Mi – Love Love

Type: Paramecia type Devil Fruit

Rarity: Rare (20%)

Ability – All Stun Moves: Stun the enemy while doing chip damage to them

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Passive: Bullet Reflection

E – 1st Move – Love Pistol

R – 2nd Move – Love Charm

Z – 3rd Move – Love Wave

X – 4th Move – Love Burst

C – 5th Move – Perfume Femur

Zushi Zushi No Mi – Gravity Gravity

Type: Paramecia type Devil Fruit

Rarity: Legendary (4%)

Ability – Gravity: Gravitational forces can be created and controlled.

Passive: +25 Speed to Hoverboard Pull for “Gravity Frenzy”

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E – 1st Move – Gravity Push

R – 2nd Move – Gravity Pull

T – 3rd Move – Gravity Fly

Z – 4th Move – Gravity Dominance

X – 5th Move – Meteor Strike

C – 6th Move – Meteor Fury

Hie Hie No Mi – Ice Ice Fruit

Type: Logia type Devil Fruit

Rarity: Legendary (4%)

Ability – Ice attacks: Uses ice to attack and also to fly

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Passive: Physical Immunity & Water Walking

E – 1st Move – Ice Partisan

R – 2nd Move – Pheasant Beak

T – 3rd Move – Ice Bike

Z – 4th Move – Ice Stomp

X – 5th Move – Frost Blade

C – 6th Move – Ice Age

We hope that this post has been helpful to you and that you got the Grand Piece Online Devil Fruits that you were looking for.

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