Top 5 Best Xbox Video Games to play with you SO

If you’re a single Xbox gamer seeking a partner – for games and as a love interest – a top recommendation is to join a dating site. These online services are the ideal platform for members of LGBTQ community for socializing with prospective partners. After registering you can browse through profiles of lesbian singles, keeping an eye out for people sharing your passion for your Xbox. To make it easy for you there are even specialized review services that will help you to connect with kindred spirits via one of the best dating sites for geeks! It contains comprehensive reviews of different services that you can choose based on your interests. Once you’ve signed up to one of these services and started exchanging regular messages, the next step would be arranging a get-together, perhaps to enjoy an Xbox video game. Here are five hot recommendations.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

From Long John Silver and Captain Hook to the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, everyone is familiar with stories of swashbuckling pirates. This is one of the reasons why Sea of Thieves is such a recommended game to enjoy with a partner. Take turn about getting involved in wonderful adventures on the high seas, exploring fantastical landscapes in resplendent sailing ships. The combat element is always fun, as players move in to send boarding parties swarming over enemy ships. You’ll also be joining a global community: the total sales of this entertaining game have exceeded 20 million.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

This is another Xbox game perfect for your get-together over the consoles. In the seventh version of this massively successful franchise, you can assume the identity of one of three dodgy characters in a vividly realised Californian cityscape – a gangster, a bank robber, or a drug dealer – all of whom are forced to engage criminal acts on behalf of corrupt government officials or underworld overlords. With multiple opportunities to instigate car chases or shootouts with the cops, watching the fabulous open-world vistas unfold at the click of your buttons will become addictive. Undoubtedly one of the greatest games of all time, GTA5 has earned over $6 billion in global sales.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Although this is another adrenaline-rush of an Xbox outing, producing all the shoot-em-up action of Grand Theft Auto, the emphasis is on environmental concerns rather than crime. The siege situations involve scenarios where hostages have been taken, and you are controlling attackers or defenders during a series of missions. If the gritty scenarios seem realistic, there’s a good reason for this: the designers studies real-life events to bring as much believable action to their creation, including the dramatic siege at the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980. Another strong element is the way you must cooperate to achieve your objectives, whether this involves defusing a ticking timebomb or rescuing one of the prisoners.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft needs little introduction. Initially released to the gaming community as the daring archaeologist with a top-heavy physique, she has evolved into a popular franchise, spawning downloadable sequels and movies. In this latest outing, players control their heroine’s foray into a wintery Siberian landscape, where a shadowy organization known as Trinity are out to trace the city’s fabled promise of everlasting life. Ingenuity is required to scavenge articles from the tombs to be used to counter Lara’s many enemies.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Amazingly, we’ve got this far and not mentioned zombies! As a climax to your date night, Resident Evil is always guaranteed to produce edge-of-the-seat action is you overcome the infected humans. This latest outing of the series also introduces the ‘Molded,’ creatures composed of fungus who are just as murderous as your bipedal protagonists. You can choose from a variety of weapons, from guns and flamethrowers to chainsaws to assist you in your quest for survival.

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