Using Online Games in Education

Computer games have become such a widespread and popular phenomenon that many non-gaming industries have begun to actively use them in order to gain access to a wider audience:

  • Political parties and individual politicians develop special computer games to convey their ideas to the electorate in a playful way
  • Eprograms include video games for easy presentation of difficult material

Why is there such integration of gaming and non-gaming spheres of society? To answer this question, try playing a couple of games on the best online platform Game Karma, and you will immediately understand the huge potential of online computer games.

Games in Education: from Elementary School to University Students

Online games for educational purposes can be used for students of different ages and for teaching various subjects:

  • It can be difficult to captivate younger pupils with some useful, but not interesting knowledge. Presented playfully, educational material is much easier for children to perceive.
  • Middle school students can get more comprehensive knowledge in all subjects by participating in educational games:

How difficult it is to remember many dates and personalities when studying history, to understand the causes of wars and the course of events. Intertwined with the historical game, this knowledge is easily caught and remembered by the minds of schoolchildren.

The revived geography and biology, chemistry, and physics will be able to captivate children due to the fact that knowledge that was previously incomprehensible will perfectly settle down in the head in a playful way. The reason some kids don’t like school is that they simply don’t understand what the teachers are explaining. Passing level after level in an online computer game, they will comprehensively consider all the details that teachers hopelessly tried to convey to them

  • University students can also greatly benefit from the simulation of complex processes in computer games:

For example, law students can learn the practice of litigation and the defense of their clients in virtual litigation

Business school students will learn how to create their own business not immediately in real life but through game simulation

The same applies to the training of doctors, pilots, and other specialties that are already actively using the potential of computer games today

Why Computer Games Are So Useful in Education

The secret of computer games is that they activate the player’s mind by constantly forcing him to make some choice or action, on which the further plot and the fate of the hero depend:

  • It’s one thing if you show students a video about an accident at a nuclear power plant
  • Another thing is if, in the process of participating in an online game, you allow him to influence the course of events in order to minimize losses and save the lives of other people as much as possible

In search of a way out of this situation, the student will activate all his knowledge in order to achieve the desired result. Watching simple documentary videos or reading educational literature will not stimulate his brain activity to the same extent. So, the result of such training will be insignificant.

Start teaching your kids online games with Game Karma. Soon you will see a result that is not comparable to the boring memorization of educational material that is not interesting for the child.

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