How to fix when VPN doesn’t connect

We collected for you all the possible problems that a VPN can present and we made a step-by-step guide to help you solve them. If your VPN are not connecting , don’t worry, with this guide you will be ready to return to the online world faster than immediately.

Your VPN doesn’t connect? Try this

Depending on the type of problem we can identify what is its source, try these steps one by one.

VPN not connecting? First solution:

If you can’t connect to any page using the VPN, make sure you have an internet connection first. This may sound obvious, but you may be blaming the VPN when it really is your ISP.

Turn off the VPN and try connecting again to be safe.

VPN not connecting? Second solution:

In some cases certain servers of your provider may be under maintenance or being updated. The second thing you should try to fix your VPN if it does not connect is to change the server, maybe you are unlucky and the server you are trying to connect to is under maintenance.

How to fix VPN if it doesn’t connect? Third solution:

If changing the server doesn’t solve the problem, or you connect but the connection drops frequently, try changing the connection settings.

  1. Check that the settings on your VPN page are as they come by default. VPN apps generally have an option that allows you to restore all settings.  vpn does not connect
  2. Then, if you are on a computer, you can try disabling the firewall, some firewalls intervene with your VPN. Try disconnecting it, if it works, add your VPN to the exceptions list of your firewall, so you can use it without disabling protection.

Is your VPN very slow?

This is one of the most common problems that we face when downloading free VPNs or from brands with little prestige in the market. The first thing you have to do is run a connection test a “speed test”.

Generally VPNs reduce the speed to a third of the expected and sometimes what happens is that streaming services stop working properly.

This is the table of minimum speeds required to play the different types of video qualities:

Quality: Minimum Speed: Recommended speed:
SD video 3Mbps 5Mbps
HD video 5Mbps 9Mbps
4K video 25Mbps 30Mbps

To solve this problem we recommend using NodrVPN, is the fastest VPN on the market, does not reduce the connection speed.

We downloaded it and as for speed it has no peer in the market, it also has really cheap plans of less than $ 3.5 a month.

What does Nord VPN offer?

If your VPN doesn’t connect and you wonder why? Better switch to a top provider with the best rate.

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Easy to use:

avg vpn alternatives

  • Of all the powerful VPNs, with military grade encryption , Nord seemed to us to have the friendliest interface, really intuitive and zero hassle. It was very comfortable to configure and then you only have to click to make it work.

It is a powerful VPN, with many different capabilities and configurations, but it is novice proof.

Ultra fast connection:

avg vpn

  • One of the details that we liked the most was that using NordVpn there is no need to sacrifice speed, unlike other VPNs, Nord allows you both: Fast and secure connection. It does not affect at all upload or download speed while in use.

Perfect to SEE SERIES and use Streaming services:


  • What we liked the most, the ability of this VPN to offer you uninterrupted broadcasts. Perfect if you want to enjoy television, Netflix, Amazon Video, or Disney Plus anytime, anywhere, without unexpected pauses .

Double IP protection:


  • When we talk about VPN, you always have to take IP into account. First, Nord generates a unique and personal IP for each connection you make, there will only be a person with that IP in the world and it will be you.

Allows you to sync up to 6 devices:


  • After comparing the plans and price ranges of all popular VPNs, Nord came out on top in terms of device price / quantity. It allows you to connect 6 different devices with a single plan, so it has the best dollar rate invested per connection.

Does your VPN not connect to Netflix?

VPN does not connect to netflix

Why is my VPN not connecting to Netflix? Again, a vendor problem. If you already proved that you have a connection, that your firewall is disabled, that your speed is good and even so your VPN does not connect to Netflix, Amazon Video, or Disney Plus … Sorry, you must change your VPN.

Not all VPNs are capable of unblocking all streaming services, for this you need to have ExpressVPN, NordVPN or some other companies on the market.

Good news, if you need a reliable VPN, here is a discount code for Nord:

If your VPN does not connect even after trying all the solutions listed, try contacting technical support. If you have a good VPN provider you can call at any time any day of the week.



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