AFK Arena: Tier List - Updated 2021


At the time, Idle Game may not be such an attractive offering for computer or console gamers. But they are ideal for mobile users who grow day by day with offers like AFK Arena . Therefore, in this case, HDGamers presents you the guide with the AFK Arena tier list to be the champion.

The importance of knowing the AFK Arena Tier List

Remembering that AFK Arena is a game where, in short, you just have to be careful when using your characters’ special abilities. Knowing the AFK Arena tier list of each of your characters is vital to devise the best strategy.

In addition, it is important to tell you that at the beginning of each game, depending on the number of characters that the contest is, you are going to need to form a group where each of your heroes are combined and enhance the abilities of the other, is where you will see the importance of In-depth knowledge of the characteristics of each member of the AFK Arena tier list.

Afk Arena tier list

The AFK Arena Tier List

Next, you will know every detail of the characters that make up this wonderful game with the AFK Arena tier list that HDGamers has prepared for each of our readers.

Before continuing, it is important to note that the same level of ascension was assumed for each character in this list. Therefore, you will see Hypogeous and Celestial heroes with a fairly high degree.



  • LVL More than 160: S ++.
  • LVL 160-240: S ++.
  • LVL 240+: S ++.
  • PVP: S ++.
  • GUILD HUNT: S ++.


To speak of Talene is to mention who is perhaps the strongest character in the entire game. This is because it is the one that causes considerable massive damage as well as an incredible ability to resurrect and heal its allies.

The truth is that it is quite complex to catch it and much more to promote it. However, it is an effort that is truly worth it and will be one of the unshakable in each of your contests.

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