Raid Shadow Legends: Tier List

2024 (Complete List)

raid shadow legends tier list

The world of video games for mobile devices is relatively new. But it is not a secret that it has had rapid growth in recent years with titles like Raid Shadow Legends that have captivated thousands of users around the world. Therefore, to help you become a champion, HDGamers brings you the Raid Shadow Legends tier list .

What is Raid Shadow Legends?

Before talking about the Raid Shadow Legends tier list we have to take a short walk through the basics of the game.

In this sense, we have to tell them that Raid Shadow is a turn-based RPG. Which is a Free to Play for Android and IOS with which you can live incredible adventures around a wide variety of worlds in the palm of your hand.

In addition, it has a hero collection method with which you will configure battle groups to face the multiple threats of this incredible world. It should be noted that you will have more than 300 characters to collect.

What is the Raid Shadow Legends tier list?

From what was previously discussed, the Raid Shadow Legends tier list tool that HDGamers has designed for our readers earns credits as it is an informative compilation with the most important data from the characters.

Likewise, remembering that there are more than 300 heroes to collect, it is necessary to know the capabilities that each of them has. In this way we will be able to configure a team that allows us to fully exploit its potential.


The Raid Shadow Legends tier list

However, to achieve this goal, it is really important to know in detail the Raid Shadow Legends tier list that you will see below.

Not without first commenting that in it we only focus on the best qualified heroes. So, indirectly, it is a small recommendation to try its acquisition since, in a few words, they are worth it. But they’ll see that for themselves with the Raid Shadow Legends tier list .

Raid Shadow Legends tier list : Venus. General: 9.6

We started this Raid Shadow Legends tier list with the highest ranked hero of all. Or, in this case, with heroin.

Her name is Venus </emhetamine and she belongs to the Holy Order and holds the title of champion of Jihad (the same order).

Regarding its affinity it is null, which means that it has no advantages or disadvantages with other champions.

Attacks and defenses

Regarding her combat attributes, she is faster and healthier than many other tanks, but her attack and defense are mediocre.

Also, Venus is a master of debtors, he did not particularly strengthen the team, but can negatively destroy the enemy’s defense. In other words, take good care of it since it does not have an outstanding defense.

But it will make you win many fights from the degradation of the opposing team.


As for their abilities, we can say that they target all enemies. Furthermore, they have a high probability of applying HP and burning each opponent, reducing their defense and weakening the effect for 2 rounds.

Thus, its basic ability is aimed at a single target twice, and each hit has a 50% chance to make the poison last 2 rounds.

Likewise, their damage is not high, but it is much higher than other support champions.

Likewise, Venus Aura is also very powerful, as it increases the health of all allies by 33% during battle.

This is why Venus is a versatile champion whose virtues can be used throughout Raid Shadow Legends .

Valkyrie. General: 9.1

A champion with a very good rating, coming from the Barbara order is Valkyrie. From this great character option we can highlight the fact that she is a legendary defensive guard of the barbarian faction.

In relation to her affinity is the Holy Spirit, making her strong against the original force and weak against magic. Also, the basic attributes of Valkyrie are very good.

Attacks and defenses

Regarding her abilities, we will start by commenting that her basic speed is 104, which is very good for the defending champion.sivo.

However, their “health group” base is not very good. However, it can be improved through artifacts.

In fact, his defense is incredible, allowing him to resist any road that crosses him. Which causes all of its attacks to be DEF based, it has the ability to deal great damage.

Even its attack power is very small indeed. But it becomes an insignificant detail because Valkyrie’s skill damage depends on his DEF.


It should be noted that his first ability, called D dispense , attacks a single target twice, causing moderate damage. However, if the target is profitable, each hit will reduce the enemy’s spin rate by 10%.

It is important to comment that if you update the damage of this ability, it can be increased by 25%. But you need 5 legendary books to complete.

Likewise, we can highlight her second skill, called . With it, you can attack all enemies, dealing moderate damage to them.

At the same time, place shield on all allies to upgrade for 3 rounds, and put return on all allies to upgrade for 2 rounds. The shield value and the damage done are proportional to the defense of the Valkyrie.

Furthermore, by increasing its damage, shield value and reducing its cooldown, this ability can be increased 7 times. Your second skill is probably one of the best in the game and needs to be updated.

Dracomorph. General: 8.9

The legendary attack champion of the Lizardmen faction. A striking character whose affinity is magical. Which means he is strong against the Holy Spirit but weak against his strength.

Attacks and defenses

Whereas the basic data of Dracomorph is very useful for attacking champions. It makes him a necessary character in any collection.

Furthermore, its basic attack power is very high. Which is especially beneficial for users because the offensive team shouldn’t put it first.

To all this you should consider that you must have a fairly considerable defense. In HDGamers we recommend one of at least 3 thousand points.

Likewise, their health reserve is very low. So you must use the correct artifacts so that you can increase it.

In this sense, the basic speed of Dracomorph is quite good with a rating of 98. But it can be high enough at the end of the game.


Above all, his basic attack is Filtering Pain . Which, once you successfully target one enemy at a time, each damage to the target increases their damage by 10%.

Also, if Dracomorph kills an enemy through a basic attack, it will automatically hit a random enemy, and the additional damage caused by its first attack is multiplied by 3.

Likewise, if fully upgraded (4 Legendary Books), the damage output of this ability can be increased by 25%.

It also has the ability to hit randomly 4 times. And each hit will reduce the Venom gain for 3 rounds.

Furthermore, the Venomous Jaw ability is particularly effective for dungeon bosses and clan leaders. Because you can immediately use the poison reduction effect up to 4 times.


Martyr. General: 8.9

Continuing with this Raid Shadow Legends tier list we meet another member of the Holy Order . In this case it is Martyr , the legendary defensive guard of the divine order.

Regarding her affinity, we can sum it up that she deals with the Spirit. Which means that she is strong in both strength and magic. A quality that makes her amazing in almost every aspect of the game.

And if we add to this that he has incredible basic data, we are talking about a character worth trying.

Attacks and defenses

Regarding its combat attributes, we must start this segment of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list by commenting that its basic health index exceeds 20 thousand.

Which is great, even if you are not the primary protector of your computer, it can also become a secondary protector.

Its basic defense is also high, but we recommend that you improve it as much as possible.

However, Martyr is very slow. But, for counterattack fans, they work properly.

This does not mean that you need to keep slow (your speed needs allwhatever improvements you can get), but it should be the slowest on the team.

All of her abilities depend on defense, so there is no need for her to attack.


In this segment we will start by highlighting your primary skill. Called Rush which, in a nutshell, attacks a single target, causing moderate damage.

Additionally, she has a 45% chance to cause a 60% negative state (defense decrease) for 2 rounds.

If fully upgraded, the chance of weakening will increase to 75% and damage will increase by 25%. But you must provide 7 legendary books for this.

This is a very good first ability, because the large DEF reduction is one of the most useful debuff effects in the game. However, you cannot trust it, because even if the function improves, the downside effect is not certain.

On the other hand, with the use of Mart Taoist you can have a gain of 60% of an defense increase . And a Return buff for 2 rounds on all allies.

As for the ability to change the game, we must tell you that it can be one of the best in the whole game, especially for Clan Boss and Fire Knight .

The cooldown of this skill is 4 rounds, but only 1 Legendary Book can be reduced to 3 rounds.

Note: The most important thing is to update the bastion of faith

Martyr also have a powerful aura that increases allied defense in all battles by 33%. This is one of the most powerful auras in the game.

If you lead a team based in the Ministry of Defense , this can be decisive (it is very likely that you will take action at the end of the game).

In fact, the bastion of faith and the suppression must be updated. But you shouldn’t spend more than 10 legendary books.

This hero can be used almost anywhere. Admittedly, it’s not very good with XP and the Spider’s Den farmer, but it can be used successfully even there.

No other champion in Raid Shadow Legends can change your gaming experience like Martyr. Along with Valkyrie , she is the best champion of the game today

Bad el Kazar. General: 8.8

Another exponent of great weight that we must highlight in this Raid Shadow Legends tier list is the legendary champion of the Undead tribe. He is Bad-el-Kazar and his affinity is strength, which means he is strong in magic and weak in spirit.

Bad-el-Kazar may be the game’s top 3 supporting champion. Your basic data is very good.

Her basic speed is pretty good at a value of 102, especially since she must first play without the proper equipment.

On the other hand, we recommend that the health group is 20 thousand, but it must be at least 55 thousand. So you have a long way to go to equip it properly. However, once you do, he will be an invaluable character in almost any area of ??the game.

Attacks and defenses

We start this segment of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list by commenting that the defense of Bad-el-Kazar is good. But, like the vast majority of aspects of life, there are a number of improvements taking place.

The number of fixes depends on the attack, which can be tricky because it can entice you to focus on improving the attack, which is wrong.

His basic offensive skills aren’t great, but you need Bad-el-Kazar to be as confusing as possible in order to play a good role at the end of the game.


Despite not having such an outstanding skill set as the champions we previously explored in this Raid Shadow Legends tier list . He’s still a character worthy to carry the banner of one of the best heroes in the entire game.

In this sense, we must tell you that the first skill of Bad-el-Kazar is Dark Realm . Which can attack everyone, absolutely all enemies on the playing field.

Additionally, it deals moderate damage to each member of the opposing team. But if you manage to combine it with his Caster ability, we are talking about a character that can cause significant damage before just taking the first hit.

However, if you get it, if you have the right equipment, you can put up with it. So it becomes a great alternative for ranged stealth combat.

Sir Nicholas. General: 8.6

Our next exponent in this Raid Shadow Legends tier list is another member of the Holy Order. In this case, we are talking about Sir Nicholas , the legendary HP champion of the faction of this order.

With him it is important to note that his affinity is empty. Which means that it has no advantages or disadvantages with other affinities.

However, we can highlight that the basic speed of Sir Nicholas is 105 which, by itself, is quite good. But, with the right equipment, you can increase it to a value of 200.

This quality is rare and very few heroes have it. Likewise, he doesn’t require much precision from Debuff , because only one of his abilities depends on it.

However, Sir Nicholas needs a good critical rate and critical damage to increase the efficiency of his second ability.

Also, it is important to remember that he is the HP champion of the Holy Order . Therefore, the most important stat you need is HP, which should be increased to at least 90,000.

Attacks and defenses

Regarding its combat attributes, we have to recommend that you try to get equipment that strengthens its HP, critical strike speed and speed equipment.

Likewise, when studying for a master’s degree, one should focus on offensive and supportive trees.

On the other hand, in terms of support, precision is not that important to him. So you can take the route of increasing HP and defense.

The best technique to support the tree is Durable Gift which extends all its advantages. Following the offensive tree and causing damage, Sir Nicholas will be very capable of fighting in the arena. If you want to use it in the Chief Clan, you must follow War Master .


His first ability is Blade of the North with which he can attack an enemy and has a 50% chance of causing a freezing effect during the lapse of a round.

If you maximize this feature through Legendary Books, you will cause your enemies to take additional damage. This ability is useful anywhere outside the Boss clan .

Furthermore, the second ability called Polar Protection is an effective area that can attack all enemies and cast shield gains on all allies.

This bonus equals 30% of the damage caused by this ability. Which means that the critical strike rate and critical damage must be increased for this ability to play a bigger role.

However, its cooldown is 4 rounds. But you can upgrade it to just 3 rounds if you maximize it with the help of the legendary books.

Next, the third skill that Sir Nicholas has is Goodwill. She grants all allies an impossible to kill gain and lasts 15% for continuous healing for 2 rounds.

Note that the cooldown on this skill is 6 rounds. But, just like the previous power, you can reduce it to just 4 rounds with the help of the legendary books.

As for his aura, we have to tell you that he can increase the health of all allies by 33% in all battles.

Also, to fully improve your skills you will need 10 legendary books. And it deserves to be completely withheld.

All of these abilities make him very flexible in any situation, even among clan leaders. It is not the best among tribal leaders, but there may be some usability there.

Siphi The lost bride. General: 8.5

Our tour of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list brings us back to the Tribe of the Undead to meet Siphi, l a lost bride . Which is a legendary supporter of the order of the Undead .

It should be noted that its affinity is empty, which means that it has no advantages or disadvantages with other affinities. Also, the statistics of lost girlfriend Siphi to support the championship are amazing.

Attacks and defenses

This segment of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list we should start by paying tribute to Siphi , saying that he is one of the fastest characters in the entire game.

A title she earned by having a base speed of 114. Likewise, her defense is higher than that of most defensive champions and she has a healthy team as if she were an HP champion.

However, her attack is moderate, but this is not important, because her work is not focused on causing damage.


Her first ability will allow you to deal moderate damage to a single target. This skill has an 80% chance of applying dreams to targets with a turn table equal to or greater than 50%.

Also, if the target’s tachometer is below 50%, Siphi will restore all allies to 5% of their maximum health.

Her second ability fills the turn gauges of all allies with 15% and improves themby blocking Debuff . This way you can increase defense by 60% and speed by 30% for 2 rounds.

But when we talk about his third ability called Love Beyond Death , we should mention that he can restore a fallen ally to 55% health and have a full turn meter.

After resurrection, resurrected allies will also gain a 50% Attack Upgrade and a 30% Critical Chance Boost for 2 rounds.

Siphi also has a passive ability that can restore 15% of their maximum health to each ally at the beginning of the turn. Additionally, you have a 40% chance to remove Frost Frost and Fear debuffs from each ally at the start of the turn (if Broken Lost Boyfriend is on the same team, remove all their debuffs when you turn around).

The aem of Siphi increases the resistance of all allies in all battles in 80. Without a doubt, a great option to consider.


Duchess Lilitu. General: 8.4.

Our tour of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list has brought us to the depths of the underworld. More specifically at the command of the Demonspawn where we meet Duchess Lilitu, the legendary champion supporting the Demonspawn faction.

From her we can comment that her affinity is the Spirit , which means that she is strong in dealing with Force characters, but weaker in Magic characters.

Attacks and defenses

Her health is almost as wasteful as a tank, so her defense is also very high. She is not the fastest champion in the game, but her speed is dangerous enough.

All of this comes at the cost of your smallest offensive ability, but since your only offensive ability depends on your defense, this is not important. Duchess Lilitu is a champion of support who protects her allies by throwing them into the shadows and making them unreachable.


Regarding her abilities, remembering what was previously commented, it is important to highlight that this ability grants all allies, except herself, 2 rounds of perfect veil.

The perfect veil is similar to the veil (the target is invisible, the target cannot be targeted unless all other targets are under the veil or the last survivor on the battlefield), but the target can remain invisible to attack after of being in this state.

Lilitu’s third ability restores all fallen allies to 70% of their health. In addition, it allows all allies to heal for 2 rounds.

She also has a powerful passive ability, which can reduce the AoE damage of all allies by 25% (15% leader damage), if the ally is affected by the veil or the veil perfect, it can be further reduced. Lily’s aura increases the speed of all allies in all battles by 19%.

Rhazin Scarhide. General: 8.4

This short tour of the 10 best-rated heroes from the Raid Shadow Legends tier list takes us back to the territory of the Order of the Lizardmen to meet Rhazin Scarhide, the legendary defensive guard of this faction.

As for its affinity we have to say that it is Power , which means that it has an advantage over magic. In addition, it is a great complement to heroes whose affinity is the Spirit .

On the other hand, Rhazin’s basic data is not impressive, but it is good enough to survive the end of the game. He is very slow. Its basic speed is 91, which is very bad, but it can be improved with the correct use of artifacts.

Attacks and defenses

The health group is average performing and needs improvement. Its basic defense is very good, because all its abilities are reliable, so it can cause serious damage. Basic attacks are not important and shouldn’t be improved at all.


Rhazin’s first ability is Bone Sword. With it you can attack a single target 3 times in a row. Where each hit has a 20% chance to remove the target’s random advantage.

But, if you increase this ability, its damage will increase by 25%, and the possibility of elimination will reach 45%. In this sense, you will need 4 legendary books to reach their maximum level.

The second ability that this imposing character has is called Cut . With it you can attack a single target, cUsing moderate damage, there is a 75% chance to make 60% of the negative state (reduce defense) and 25% of the negative state (weaken) for 2 rounds.

However, after a full update to this ability, the chance to drop a negative effect is increased to 100%, and the cooldown is reduced to 3 rounds.

As you can see, slicing is a very powerful power that allows Rhazin to cause devastating blows by needing that his opponents only have less than half his defensive capacity. Which is especially useful for continually weakening the Bosses, mainly for Cs Boss .

Rhazin’s third ability is Bog Down . With it you can attack all enemies, causing great damage and reducing the turning speed of all enemies by 100%.

This ability has a long cooldown time (can be activated 6 times when fully updated), but is very useful in PvP . Rhazin also has a halo that increases Ally ‘s resistance in the arena by 90 points.

Broken, The Lost Boyfriend. General: 8.2

The last of our heroes in this Raid Shadow Legends tier list is one we previously considered a total monster. But, once we meet Broken, The Lost Boyfriend we will understand its history.

Like his beloved Siphi , he belongs to the order of the Undead and is the legendary attack champion of the tribe’s faction. Furthermore, his affinity is magical, which means that he has a strong character for the Holy Spirit and a weak character for the Force.

Attacks and defenses

Attack power Broken is very high, its defense ability is stronger than any other attacking character, but its speed is very slow and its health reserve is the lowest in the whole game.

This can be intimidating at first, but after looking at the skills it has, you will realize how useful it can be. More when you manage to reunite her with her beloved Siphi .


He has The Plague of Terror . This ability attacks a target that deals heavy damage and has a 75% chance to cause a negative status of 60% (Defense Reduction) for 2 rounds.

Also, every time you use your basic skills, Broken has a 30% chance of winning additional rounds. After a complete upgrade, the damage of this skill increases by 20%.

Moreover, he has Riveting of Vitality . It is unique in every way as it can attack a single target inflicting moderate damage.

But it also reduces the target’s maximum health by 20% and adds it to its own health group. He cannot reduce the target’s maximum health by 60%, and he cannot increase his own health group by more than 60 thousand.

Unfortunately, Broken cannot reduce the boss’s maximum health, but each time he uses this ability on the boss, he will add 15,000 health points to his health pool.

The cooldown of this ability is 3 rounds, but if it is fully upgraded, the cooldown can be reduced to 2 rounds, which is surprising.

In addition to reducing the cooldown time, the damage output of this ability can also be increased by 30%.

Latest dimensions of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list

To end this Raid Shadow Legends tier list , it is important to remember that the game has more than 300 characters to choose from.

But in this case we focus on the 10 with the best rating since, in a nutshell, they are the best in every way. Likewise, they have an incredible capacity to adapt to any group configuration.

Which is ideal to form an infinity of teams with unique and highly competitive characteristics.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Raid Shadow Legends Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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