Soul Calibur 6 Tier List – June 2023 (Complete List)

The idea of ​​ embodying epic fights with weapons and armor of the Middle Ages sounds like a wish of every fan of role-playing games ; however, this taste tends to be quite expensive . Fortunately, we have games like Soul Calibur that offer us the opportunity to control real fighters with amazing outfits. That is why in HDGamers we bring you the Soul Calibur 6 tier list so you can enjoy the sixth installment of the saga.

Here you will be able to embody great fights for honor, glory or just for fun . After all, you’re pretty far from hurting yourself by wielding bladed weapons with only your hands on the control.

What is the Soul Calibur 6 tier list?

At this point we must consider that the variety of options to choose a character in Soul Calibur 6 is quite extensive. Therefore, taking into account that it is a fairly balanced fighting game, the difference is in the small details .

Those that lie in knowing a little more about some trick or unique move of your character . Therefore, to become an expert medieval fighter you will need long hours of practice; however, with the help of HDGamers you can drastically reduce your entertainment time.

The reason for this is that today we provide you with a guide, such as the Soul Calibur 6 tier list , where we have been able to condense the classification of all the characters in the game. In this way, you will find the most qualified to offer you that little ounce of advantage that you will need in the spectacular arenas of Soul Calibur 6 .

Soul Calibur 6 tier list

The Soul Calibur 6 tier list

Now that you know a little about what Soul Calibur 6 is about as a video game and the importance of a guide like this tier list , it’s time to get to know it. For this, we have to tell you that the list that you will see below contains some considerations of great value.

It should be noted that here you will come across a list resulting from the evaluation of the potential of each character . So we have decided to organize them in the order that you will see below.

Level S

The first level of classification of our Soul Calibur 6 tier list where we have located the most powerful and balanced character in the entire game. Without a doubt, an incredible choice, as long as you take the time to learn to master the power of it since it is not an easy subject.

  • Inferno.

Level A

If you want a strong character that is much easier to learn to control, you should go to any of those that make up Level A of our Soul Calibur 6 tier list . Here are great options with moves, skills and statistics that have nothing to envy at the top level.

  • Ivy.
  • Nightmare.
  • Seong.
  • Siegfried.
  • Sophitia.

Level B

When you get to this point it is logical to think that here are characters of lower rank. It may be so; however, they aren’t that bad once you learn how to get the most out of their abilities. In other words, Level B of our Soul Calibur 6 tier list is made up of those characters that we can consider as the average of the options.

  • Astaroth.
  • Azwel.
  • Cervantes.
  • Geralt.
  • Groth.
  • Kilik.
  • Mitsurugi.
  • Taki.
  • Strip.

Level C

In this order of ideas, Level C of our guide is made up of a series of characters who are not good at all; however, they do have some unique skills and moves that can make the difference in very specific battles. Most of all when they face two fighters of this level or with one of the previous block.

  • Maxi.
  • Raphael.
  • Talim.
  • Xian.
  • Yoshimitsu.

Level D

This is the final point of our classification of Soul Calibur 6 characters. This means that here are the ones with the worst weighting and, obviously, we do not recommend them under any circumstances.

  • Voldo. 
  • Zasalamel.

Latest recommendations on the Soul Calibur 6 tier list

Before you decide to blast your way through the incredible world of Middle Ages fighting with nothing beyond your brute strength, it is wise to read a little more about the levels you saw in this guide.

In addition, it is equally relevant to practice with a few characters since each player has their own style . Only then can you find the character that best suits what you want to do in the game .

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Soul Calibur 6 Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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  1. This is the weirdest tier list I have seen for this game. The fact that you put Raphael in the category of “characters who are not good at all” is an automatic tell that you don’t really know the game that well since, literally, every advanced player has placed him in either A+ or S. The same goes for Yoshimitu in the current balance, and Xianghua always makes top 10 and is common among tournament finalists. Even if you wanted to go solely off of actual tournament results instead of high-ranking player consensus, you’d have to place Maxi in S tier, since he’s always in the finalist ranks for all regions (despite being ranked as a weaker character in tier lists). If this is your own opinion, that’s fine, but this list seems kind of like misinformation for people actually looking for guidance, especially since all characters are tournament worthy in this game lol.


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