Combat Rift Codes – October 2023 (Complete list)

If you’ve played Combat Rift, then you’ve probably had hours upon hours of fun defeating your enemies. To stand out among so many players, you will have to get the best swords, defeat monsters and collect skulls to later exchange them for coins. Do you want to get more advantage? In this article, we have prepared the most complete and current list of codes for Combat Rift. These cheats will give you free items like coins, gems and much more that will allow you to have epic fights. Remember that Combat Rift codes will give you various rewards, but they have expiration dates, so you must use them before they expire. Similarly, at HDGamers we will keep this post updated, so don’t worry about it.

All Roblox Combat Rift codes – July 2023

This time we show you all the active cheats for Roblox Combat Rift that currently exist and will be your best allies in the game. Choose the ones you like the most or use them all without problem, so you can redeem them before the others and get the best rewards.

  • JulyEvent – Redeem for 3x Damage Boost (NEW)
  • Apologies – Redeem for 3x Fireworks Boost (NEW)
  • NinjaCaves – Redeem for a reward
  • S3CRET – Redeem code for 50 Eternals
  • DUNGEON – Redeem for 70 Eternals
  • Update3 – Redeem for 200 gems
  • Update2 – Redeem code for 3x Gems boost
  • RELEASE – This code can be redeemed for 100 coins and 20 gems.
  • Update12 – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • Update11 – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • AlchemyEvent – Redeem for x3 Skulls boost
  • EXTINCTION – Redeem for x2 Luck Boost

Expired codes

In this section, we leave you all those expired codes, that is, those that no longer work when you enter them. Use those in the previous section before they become part of this list.

  • LimitedRewardsOP – Redeem for x3 Coins boost
  • AuraStats – Redeem for 3x Damage Boost
  • COMINGSOON – Redeem for x3 Skulls boost
  • WeekendEvent – Redeem for 3x Coins Boost
  • FutureZone – Redeem for x2 Luck Boost
  • truewarior – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • LuckyBoost – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • NewDungeon – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • FreeBoost – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • CR4LIFE – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • COMBATRIFT – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • to50m – Redeem code for a reward
  • 10MBoost – Redeem code for Auto-Sell Boost
  • PotionHype – Redeem for 200 Eternals
  • Update6 – Redeem for a reward
  • AuraHype – Redeem code for 3x Damage boost
  • Update5 – Redeem code 3x Health boost
  • Update4 – Redeem code for 3x Coin boost
  • 20KLikes – Redeem for a 3x Gems boost
  • 2.5MVisits – Redeem for a reward
  • TwitterHype – Redeem code for 3x Damage boost
  • 5KLIKES – Redeem for 600 gem
  • 2.5KLIKES – Redeem code for 3x Damage boost
  • TWITTERCODE – Redeem code for 3x Coins boost
  • ExtraPetStorage – Redeem code for 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • ExtraSwordStorage – Redeem code for 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • 10Mplayz – Redeem code for lots of Boosts

How to redeem active codes in Roblox Combat Rift

How do I redeem Combat Rift gift codes?

Still don’t know how to redeem code? Don’t worry, here we explain it to you. Perform the following instructions to successfully redeem all your rewards.

  1. Launch Combat Rift and press the Twitter button on the right side of the screen.
  2. Here, a new window will appear, and you can write each active code into the text box.
  3. Finally, press ‘Redeem’ to receive your free reward.

How to get more Combat Rift codes?

The safest way to get new cheats of Combat Rift is to check this page, as we make monthly updates to add the new codes that come to the game. We also make sure that the codes that we present to you are the most current and if one expires, we place it in the respective section. Another option that will keep you informed is to follow the developer’s social networks.

Why are Combat Rift codes not working?

Combat Rift codes have a short duration, so they expire quickly, although there are others that can last a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to redeem them as soon as they are released. HDGamers gives you the most complete and updated list, so you only have to copy and paste. Moreover, if you have any problem with the codes that we present to you, don’t hesitate to let us know. Stay up to date with new cheats to get lots of rewards in HDG, bookmark this page and come back whenever you need more codes. Hey, gamer! What are you waiting for? Go to the game and redeem all the rewards that will give you a good advantage!

Before you finish, check more codes:

We hope this Combat Rift post has served you, come back when you want more codes!
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