Mythic Heroes Codes (February 2023) – Get free Diamonds & Scrolls!

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Mythic Heroes codes

Mythic Heroes is a role-playing game that consists of creating a powerful squad, summoning an army of powerful gods and mythical heroes to fight. This world focused on iOS and Android devices gives us endless dungeons to explore, a global chat to make friends and many ways to improve our characters. If you played Idle Heroes or AFK Arena, you will have already noticed that this title is very similar to them. Therefore, to obtain more characters, a considerable amount of money is needed in the game. HDGamers offers you the most complete list of codes with rewards like free diamonds, gold and summon scrolls.

Remember that the codes in Mythic Heroes will give you various rewards, but they have expiration dates, so you must use them before they expire. In the same way, we will keep this post updated.

All Mythic Heroes Codes – February 2023

This time, we show you all the active and valid cheats for Mythic Heroes that currently exist and will be your best allies in the game. Choose the ones you like the most or use them all without problem, so you can redeem them before the others and get the best rewards.

Active and valid codes

  • JUD3I – diamonds
  • ANNIVERSARY1 – diamonds
  • FE2TN – diamonds
  • THANKYOUALL – 2,000 diamonds
  • MH8888 – 20 standard summon scrolls
  • MH7777 – 3,000 diamonds

Expired codes

In this section, we leave you all those expired codes, that is, those that no longer work when you enter them. Use those in the previous section before they become part of this list.

  • SN5JH
  • OAM0H
  • WGO3S
  • NTL4O
  • CCB2B
  • FB100K
  • GRR2W
  • NJ1RF
  • RGRS5
  • HBDIGG16
  • QBE1D
  • EVJ2S
  • FN5K3
  • F3SDF
  • 3BV5A
  • D2H4H
  • SW3GC
  • Q9AF3
  • 8EUBF
  • CG1F3
  • XZ432
  • 9BV3G
  • 43XH8
  • 5V2GK
  • 8UYMF
  • 1CODES
  • CODES2
  • CODES1
  • 7TGDV
  • FFDG8
  • E8CL3
  • SH47G
  • HQUM1
  • YUME3
  • 5GS26
  • GVCE4
  • MYTH1
  • KVCQ9
  • DBKW6
  • 8LMVS
  • XMAS
  • JP3EX
  • XT34S
  • ZJAL8
  • WBA2M
  • YQ44F
  • FLY4D
  • B35L4
  • 9DDBE
  • YZ5XM
  • 7ZDWM
  • MH8888
  • E5OVG
  • WL5UP
  • O8FYX
  • WZG7V
  • 76HLV
  • ISVQ6
  • LU93I

How do I redeem Mythic Heroes gift codes?

Still don’t know how to redeem code? Don’t worry, here we explain it to you. Perform the following instructions to successfully redeem all your rewards. Have fun!

  1. Enter Mythic Heroes and click on your profile picture located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Now, select the ‘Code’ button and write the cheats that we show you.
  3. Finally, click ‘Confirm’ and the code will upload your reward to your account.

How to get more Mythic Heroes codes?

The safest way to get new cheats of Mythic Heroes is to check this page, as we make monthly updates to add the new codes that come to the game. We also make sure that the codes that we present to you are the most current and if one expires, we place it in the respective section. Another option that will keep you up to date is to join the game’s Discord community or follow the game’s developer on Facebook.

Why are Mythic Heroes codes not working?

Mythic Heroes codes have a short duration, so they expire quickly, although there are others that can last a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to redeem them as soon as they are released. HDGamers gives you the most complete and updated list, so you only have to copy and paste. Moreover, if you have any problem with the codes that we present to you, don’t hesitate to write us. Stay up to date with new cheats to get lots of rewards in HDG, bookmark this page and come back whenever you need more codes. Hey, gamer! Don’t wait any longer and redeem all the rewards that will give you a good advantage into Mythic Heroes!

Before you finish, check more codes:

We hope this Mythic Heroes post has served you, come back when you want more codes!
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