Paper Ball Simulator Codes – October 2023 (Complete List)

The word war is generally associated with a terrible event that costs the lives of a large number of people. However, there are times when it is a friendly term, such as a paper war for example. For this reason, HDGamers brings you all the Paper Ball codes Simulator to be the sole winner.

Valid and active Paper Ball Simulator codes

The only thing you have to know about Paper Ball codes Simulator is that they are a great option to get a wide variety of priceless items. These range from in-game unique pets to a significant amount of coins with which you can purchase virtually every item available in the world from Roblox.

Below, we present you all the codes that are kept running giving away the best of paper ball wars.

  • Godenot5M: With this code you get the Godenot pet.
  • Spagz500K: With this code you get the Spagz pet.
  • Lucas2M: With this code you get the Lucas mascot.
  • Tofuu3M: With this code you get the Tofuu pet.
  • Poke3M: With this code you get the Poke pet.
  • Dinha2M: With this code you get the Dinha pet.
  • Denis10M: With this code you get the Denis pet.
  • 300K: With this code you don’t get a pet or game passes, you only earn 5000 coins.
  • New: With this code you get coins.
  • 1M: This code is promotional and must be used to obtain other codes.
  • Get Free: You must use the 1M code to earn 30K coins.
  • Free Russoplays Pet: by means of this code you gain 1M pet, you must use it as written.
  • Robzi1M: Enter this code and conquer 1 pet.

Expired Paper Ball Simulator Codes

Fortunately for all lovers of this great game, all codes are still active.

How to redeem codes for Paper Ball Simulator

To redeem all Paper Ball codes Simulator , just click on the button with the Twitter icon. Which you will find on the left side of your screen. After clicking, you will open a dialog window where you can enter all the codes of your choice.

Next, we leave you with a small video where it is illustrated step by step how to activate each trick that we have previously talked about.

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