R2DA Codes – Complete List (September 2021)

In the vast universe of Roblox , we find countless servers and game modes that will surprise us. A series of worlds and adventures that are only limited to the imagination. Just like the one that awaits us with the r2da codes and its new game options that will give us long hours of fun.

Valid and active R2DA codes

Unlike many codes we’ve come across from Roblox on the web, these are particularly weird. All because they are in the Twitter official account of the server thanks to the inclusion of a generator of < strong> r2da codes on this social network. Thus, you just have to follow it to get them without problems.

Next, we leave you with all the codes that are currently in operation.

  • XP2: Your reward is 1200x experience points. (These codes can be redeemed at any time and do not expire).
  • CQ34BEN: Your reward is 10x Medkits and you win $ 500.
  • JHJ38E: Your reward is 1 headphone session.
  • U8RWA2: Your reward is 5x Ice Vests and you earn $ 600.
  • WQE4TY7: Your reward is 15x Pills and you win $ 300.
  • G3RN4DE: Your reward is 30x Clusternades and you earn $ 1,800.
  • 4NDR3W: Your reward is 1x Baseball and you win $ 5.
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Codes for R2DA expired

Unfortunately for all fans of r2da codes, the following commands that will appear on our list are no longer available.

  • CH123: Your reward was 1x Skincrate.
  • TEE55: Your reward was 10x Hammers.
  • PQU52: Your reward was 1x Double EXP.
  • OGEO9: Your reward was 15x Fire Extinguishers.
  • JOJOJ: Your reward was 2x Snowballs.
  • NODE2: Your reward was 10x penguin armor.
  • HD28J: Your reward was 3x airstrikes.
  • OH8AI: Your reward was 10x pills.
  • BUWG2: Your reward was 5x Medkits.
  • BD001: Your reward was 1x Galadriel vial.
  • BD002: Your reward was 15x candy canes.
  • BD003: Your reward was 15x Party Whistles.
  • BD004: Your reward was 10x Pipebombs.
  • REVAI: Your reward was 10x Defibrillators.
  • Some1: Your reward was 5 Medkits.
  • WAKA: Your reward was 10x Crabmines
  • AQWT: Your reward was 10x Molotovs.
  • LWJW5: Your reward was 1x Skincrate
  • OKOK: Your reward was 8x fire extinguishers.
  • FOOT1: Your reward was 10x Pumpkin Tarts.
  • PROPANE, your reward was 10x Propane.
  • SKR39: Your reward was 10x fire extinguishers.
  • 3ENN9: Your reward was 10x Pumpkin Tarts.
  • INOT1S: Your reward was 5x party whistles.
  • IYXGST: Your reward was 10x Fireboxes
  • OK6D2Q: Your reward was 5x drums.
  • MT2JXQ: Your reward was 15x fire extinguishers.
  • SQJMKE: Your reward was 10x Crab.
  • QLRCXE: Your reward was 5x Fireboxes and / or Clock Bombs (debug).
  • 83TCP: Your reward was 1x Batwing Skincrate.
  • TOWH2: Your reward was 15x Vitamins.
  • RXT44: Your reward was 5x Clock Bombs.
  • OHKS8: Your reward was 5x Steil Grenades.
  • DUCKY: Your reward was 1x Skincrate Premium.
  • YEAH: Your reward was 1x Batinc Skincrate.
  • JOY2W: Your reward was 1x Skincrate.
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How to redeem R2DA codes

To redeem the r2da codes, it is really easy. You just have to go to the codes button and then enter them in the dialog that will open. Then we leave you with a small video where the procedure is shown step by step.

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