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Rocket League Codes – January 2022 (Complete List)


If you have reached this article it is because you are looking for a Rocket League codes list. Well, we have good news, because in HDGamers we have given ourselves the job of gathering all the active codes that the videogame currently has.

Active Rocket League codes – Updated January 2022

Here you have all the codes and rewards for Rocket League.

popcornLimited popcorn Rocket Boost.

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Rocket League expired codes

Unfortunately for fans of this video game, nothing lasts forever and all the free codes for Rocket League expire sometime. If you want to risk trying them you can do it, but it is very unlikely that they will help you.

bekindLimited “VCR” topper
couchpotatoLimited “Couch-Potato” player title
truffleshuffleLimited decal for Octane.
shazamLimited decal for Octane & limited Wheels.
wwe18Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
wrestlemaniaUnlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
wwedadsUnlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
rlbirthdayUnlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
rlnitroUnlocks “Nitro Circus” Antenna and “Breakout: Nitro Circus” Decal.

Rocket League redeem Codes – Videoguide

In the event that you still don’t know very well how to redeem your codes for Rocket League, here is a video in which the procedure to obtain the rewards you are looking for is explained clearly and easily.

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