Rocket League Codes – June 2022 (Complete List)

Updated: June 1, 2022
Rocket League Codes

If there are crowd passions, those are football and cars. That is why a video game that combines Soccer with vehicles would be doomed to success. And that video game exists! For fans of Rocket League, that is nothing new and here at HDGamers we are also fans of this great game. And that is why we want to give you all the help that is within our reach to win as many games as possible in this great game. exciting matches. And if something helps when it comes to evolving within any game, it is the video game codes. And in this particular case, the Rocket League codes that we bring to you today.

If you still didn’t know the Rocket League video game codes, don’t feel bad about using these little cheats to your advantage, as they are usually the “big secret” of the biggest champions in the arena. In fact, those of us who make HDGamers use them on a daily basis 🙂 That said, let’s discover them below.

Rocket League Codes

Active Rocket League codes – June 2022

If, like us, you are a fan of football in general and of this wonderful game in particular, you will know that there is nothing better than a match with a vertical and fast game. One of those games that allow you to constantly generate chances to score. And the great news is that to achieve this effect, we are only going to need a single video game code that, fortunately, is the one that is still in force to date.

  • popcorn: Limited popcorn Rocket Boost.
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If you haven’t used it yet, we want you to share with us in comments how your experience has been when using this video game code in your matches. Do you have any other tricks to share? We also want to know 🙂

Rocket League expired codes

Just as in life everything changes, in the gamer world the same thing happens. Video game codes constantly appear and others are no longer valid. Unfortunately for all players of this great game, the list of cheats for Rocket League that stopped working is extensive. Next, we will show you which were those traps that at some point helped us in our matches but are no longer available to us today.

  • truffleshuffle: Limited decal for Octane.
  • couchpotato: Limited “Couch-Potato” player title.
  • bekind: Limited “VCR” topper.
  • rlnitro: Unlocks “Nitro Circus” Antenna and “Breakout: Nitro Circus” Decal.
  • shazam: Limited decal for Octane & limited Wheels.
  • WWE18: Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
  • wrestlemania: Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
  • wwedads: Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
  • rlbirthday: Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.
Rocket League Ranks: Distribution – June 2022 (Complete List)

Rocket League redeem Codes – Videoguide

If you are a fan of our HDGamers content, surely the mechanism to redeem video game codes is not a secret for you. But if you are not yet, you should not worry, because the truth is that redeeming the codes in this game is really easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to the letter.

  • First of all, you need to go to the options menu and look for Extras.
  • Once there, find the Enter Code function.
  • This will open a dialog window where you can enter the code we have brought for you.
  • Finally, click on the Ok button and enjoy it.

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We hope that this article on Rocket League codes will help you to make your experience in this game the best. We recommend that you review our code lists periodically as we are constantly updating them for you. Finally, we ask you to leave us in comments the codes you use and what results you have obtained by doing so. Good luck!

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