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You found the best guide Spiral Clicker for beginners from all over the internet. In today’s article we will teach you how to get all 27 women, how to level up easily and how to unlock all versions of the characters.

There are two methods to get the characters quickly, the nominal path or using in-game traps. We will explain both, but first, let’s learn the basics.

The different types of power in spiral clicker:

The “willpower” and the “mouse power” are the two most important factors in this game. Both are related: To level up a woman using the “mouse power”, you will need Willpower.

The willpower comes from the spiral or, with the time, from the characters.

The “mouse power” determines how fast you are able to break the will of some of the women and enter their mind.

On the other hand the spiral damage or “Spiral power” is the hypnosis value that causes the spiral to the characters to rotate. We recommend placing the spiral in “Titnosis”, this way you should not do it rotate manually, but attacks will be performed automatically.


As general advice, once the powers become very expensive to use (Normally after level 145) invest your resources in uploading the “Mouse power”, it will be the best use for your pearls.

How to unlock all women in Spiral Clicker:

In the current version you can get 27 characters in total, this is the order to get them all:

  • You need to have 25000 points in the school section: With this you can get 15 characters.
  • If you get 5000 points in the city section you get one of the hidden characters.
  • If you use the pearls to summon the women you can unlock up to 10 characters (In total you will need 275 pearls)

Only one character would be missing to have all 27 women, Helen.

How to unlock Helen:

Helen will be available to you once you have at least 6 characters . If you have already unlocked 6 women follow these steps:


  1. Search in the drop-down list, clicking on the “more” in the women’s list menu.
  2. You will see a transparent Helen, select her.
  3. Control your mind so you can use it.

How to get all versions of women and CGs:

  • Once you manage to bring the characters to level 180, you will have all the outfits available.
  • If you get 25000 points in the school you will be able to unlock all the CGs available to use in this mode.
  • To unlock all the CGs in the city you need 3000 points.
  • You can use the beach when the total level is greater than 5000.
  • Once the beach is available, your CGs will be fully unlocked when you achieve 20,000 points.
  • There are several CGs related to special dates, such as Easter, Haloween or Christmas, but in HD gamers we have a trick to get them fast: Change the date of your computer and open the game to win the CGs specials. With the date of April 10, October 20 and December 13 they will all be unlocked, in total there are 6.

Achieving these goals is a job that will take time, so you must learn how to do it faster, leveling properly.

How to level up the characters quickly:

Normally we use a method that complicates the whole process of leveling up the characters. We try to level them up one by one and in no specific order, this complicates the results in the long term.

spiral cliacker guide

What you should do is choose one of the women , the one you like the most and use her as your “library manager” to level up the others.

The advantage of using this method is that the costs of leveling up will not go up progressively. The problem is that the level difference between your library manager and its students must be high.

That is why you must first dedicate yourself to leveling up the same woman as much as you can. You can easily break the mind of any character and level up all women quickly (Up to level 500) having Already a character with 750 level.

You don’t have to wait until you reach level 750 to start, but once you reach it you will have all your characters above 500.

Now if what you want is a little shortcut , read on.

How to level up quickly with spiral clicker keys:

This method can be used repeatedly if you’re a little frustrated by following the rules, it won’t always be available, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Basically what you should do is always follow these steps in order, until you manage to unlock the levels that interest you in each of the women in the game:

  1. Press W + N + P to get enough “willpower” to improve the “mouse power up to 240”.
  2. Level up the character with the lowest cost.
  3. Set the character as “library manager” once it has the highest cost and level up the next person with the lowest cost (Except Jains).
  4. Once you level up to the second, find a third and repeat the process, always excluding Jains. When you level up all the women you want, you can repeat the process with Jains.

This is our first Spiral Clicker guide , if you need to learn about a specific topic within this title leave us a comment. At HD gamers we always listen to our community.

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