Build a Boat for Treasure Codes – May 2022 (Complete List)

Updated: May 14, 2022
Build a Boat for Treasure codes

In Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure there are many hours of fun we can get. From HDGamers we want to give you a complete list with Build a Boat for Treasure codes, which will help you improve your gaming experience a lot.

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All active Build a Boat for Treasure codes (May 2022)

Be ready, below you can find all the Build a Boat codes:

  • Squid Army: Redeem for 22x Ice, 22x Gold.
  • hi: Redeem and get 5x Gold.
  • =P: Redeem and get 5x Gold.
  • =D: Redeem for 5x Gold.

Build a Boat for Treasure

Expired Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

Unfortunately for players, these rewards are not available permanently. This is why we want to leave you the list of expired codes for Build a Boat Treasure:

  • Happy Halloween!: 10 Pink candy, 10 Star Block, 5 Cluster Fireworks and also 15 Jack O ’Lantern
  • chillthrill709 was here: Free blocks
  • Lurking Legend: Free blocks
  • Happy Valentine’s day: Free blocks
  • Arctic Bear: 3 Cake, 6 Cluster Fireworks and also 35 Ice as a reward
  • HMMMMM: 1 Worthy’s Plushie, 5 Star Block, an also 1 TNT as a reward
  • The Decoding Of The Boat: Get 1 Soccer Ball, 5 Bundles of Dynamite, 50 Grass Block and also 1 Harpoon as a reward
  • Not a Code: 25 Ice, 3 Cake, 5 Star Block, 1 White Thruster and 1 Chillz Plushie as a reward
  • Star Jetpack: 1 Star Jetpack as a reward
  • A Boat: 20 Wood, 1 Wooden Crow’s nest, 1 Gold Throne, 1 Wooden Helm, 4 Cannon, 1 Harpoon and also 10 Star Block
  • 50fabric: 50 Fabric as a reward
  • 2M Members: 5 Ultra Thruster, 100 Balloons, 10 Cake, 25 Neon Block and also 3 Pink Candy as a reward
  • 100 wooden rods: 100 wood post
  • fuzzy friend?: Free blocks
  • Be a big f00t print: Free blocks
  • Hatching Hype: 10 Balloons, 1 Cake, 10 Pink Candy and also 5 Star Blocks
  • Last Two: 1 Cake, 10 Pink Candy, 10 Neon Blocks, 5 Star Blocks and also 5 TNT
  • Memorial Day Code: 50 Star Blocks and 1 Ring Firework as a reward
  • OneYearOneCheer: 5 Pink Candy, 10 Balloons, 1 Cake and also 5 Cluster Fireworks as a reward
  • HiddenCode709: 25 Neon Block, 1 Cake, 10 Balloons and also 5 Cannon as a reward
  • There is no code: 15 Balloons, 5 Cake, 5 Super Firework and also 5 Neon Block as a reward
  • Update Tomorrow: 5 Pink Candy, 5 Ring Firework and also 5 Star Block as a reward
Item Asylum Codes - May 2022

How to Redeem Build a Boat for Treasure codes

In the event that you still don’t know very well how to redeem your codes in Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure, here is a video in which the procedure to obtain the rewards that are clear and simple is explained you are looking for


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You have the Build a Boat for Treasure codes, we gonna keep it updated, come again to check new Babft codes!

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