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FGO Tier List – Complete Guide

Updated: April 22, 2022
FGO Tier List

The world of role-playing video games brings us a very attractive story like that of Fate Grand Order . A turn-based combat game that will keep us tied to our phones for long hours. But, to make sure we come up with the best fighting style, HDGamers presents you with the Fate Grand Order tier list with which winning will be customary.

What is the Fate Grand Order tier list?

Before starting with the Fate Grand Order tier list it is important to remind you that this is a turn-based fighting game where, the first thing you will have to do when entering a combat, will be to configure your equipment.

In this sense, we are talking about creating a group with the best servants or characters you have for each occasion. It is here where the value of knowing the characteristics of each one arises.

Also, you always have to take into consideration the fact that in each world you enter, you will face enemies with different traits.

So in short, by mentioning the Fate Grand Order tier list we are talking about a guide that will show you the qualities that each of the characters in the game will offer you.

Importance of the Fate Grand Order tier list

In this order of ideas, the importance of the Fate Grand Order tier list is almost evident. Remembering that this is a list where you will know the characteristics of each character, we can see what are the best options for our combat style.

That is why it is important to know the smallest detail of the servants who make life within a game that, in the first instance, looks quite simple. But do not trust yourself, it is much more complicated than you can imagine.

On the other hand, in this Fate Grand Order tier list that HDGamers will present below you will have a wide variety of characteristics of each of the characters that make it up. In this way, you can manage the use of each one in a much more efficient way.

So you can decide from which characters to get to which will be the most important in your arsenal. Which will give you more playing time and thus go up much faster. So they will offer you a more significant power in each of the contests you will face.

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Consequently, the Fate Grand Order tier list will be your best ally when it comes to knowing and sketching a fighting style. Which, for this particular game, will be a great advantage in every fight you have to enter.

La Fate Grand Order tier list

It should be noted at this point that the Fate Grand Order tier list you will see below is based on the highest-ranking characters. Which are cataloged with a higher number of stars.

So, we can say that we have built this list from the idea that the more characters of a high rank, such as from 4 to 5 stars, it will be the best strategy that you can follow from the first moment you enter the game.

So it’s time to introduce you to the Fate Grand Order tier list that HDGamers has put together for your entertainment.

Fate Grand Order tier list: 5 Stars

As previously discussed, in this Fate Grand Order tier list we will focus on servants with the highest level of rarity. So, in short, they are the best you can count on.

Next, we will present the characteristics of all those with a 5-star rating.



  • Rank: B.
  • Cost: 16.
  • Class: Rider.
  • Rating: 8/10.


If you are looking for a server that can destroy everything in its path without specific configuration, and you don’t like Berserkers , then Iskandar is the ideal option for you.

As long as you’re not bored with its simple gameplay, Iskandar will specialize in improving your offense and skill, which is a force that cannot be ignored on the battlefield.


  • All abilities are damage enhancements.
  • Although Iskandar has no defensive abilities, his skill set has evolved around increasing attacks and damage, and is applicable not only to him but also to his allies, earning him the title of King . Pioneer.
  • Use NP to generate many key stars.
  • As the third ability of Iskandar , Lightning Conqueror will increase the damage of your Buster card and the rate of star generation when it turns. Better to use it with your NP , especially if you manage to get Buster Brave Chain . Since his multiple hit NP will cause AOE damage, and his Extra card will deal six hits, it is estimated that he can spawn over 20 stars without any CE and group members. This is for the destroyer. The central server.


  • Not very useful for meetings.
  • Except for high damage performance and party attack gain, Iskandar just needs to destroy things like the Berserker .
  • His low gain of NP and his hits with the Arts card prevented him from loading the NP table fast enough, and he had to rely on his allies to establish NP.
  • Most importantly, in addition to using NP, you don’t have a reliable method of generating key stars, making impacting your third skill a bit useless.
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Strategies and Tips

  • Iskandar ( Iskandar ) is a high damage attacker, focused on using his own interests to accumulate damage and knock down the enemy with NP.
  • He performed well in forming the NP focus group because his second military tactical ability also increased the NP damage of his group members.
  • However, Iskandar will only have difficulties building his NP meter, so he will need the support of his allies or equip the CE kaleidoscope.

Shuten Douji


  • Rank: A.
  • Cost: 16.
  • Class: Assassin.
  • Rating: 7/10.


Shuten Douji ( Shuten Douji ) is known for the many shortcomings of its NP and its AoE charm.

He can also provide good damage support, because only his ability can effectively supply the entire team with 40% ATK, and his NP can also be built with a 10 % of ATK.

Its QQAAB deck and high hit rate also allow Shuten to produce a large number of stars, especially its Brave chain.

In addition to these, she is the first SSR assassin to have a NP that destroys the area of effect, making her quite effective in agricultural tasks.

However, like all other Assassins, she suffers from Assassin’s low damage mode, and her weak 10% intensity NP is still optimistic most of the time.

Also, most opponents do not trust their abilities and are not affected by skill cooldown. Therefore, her NP ability stamp doesn’t really help unless she fights against selected opponents.


  • Powerful charm AdE.
  • Seal of skill in NP and many benefit reduction effects.
  • Good destruction support.
  • Decent stellar generation.
  • Killer of AoE .


  • Decrease of the percentage of NP of disadvantage.
  • Low damage multiplier.
  • No hold function.

Strategies and Tips

  • Shuten Douji is generally used as a secondary damage dealer, because its AoE NP can be used to remove the family from the mafia, and their ability to increase damage is also welcomed by leading damage dealers.
  • However, because its upgrade type is well suited for gear performance upgrades, it can be used as a major damage dealer for gear oriented gears.

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova


  • Rank A.
  • Cost: 16.
  • Class: Caster.
  • Rating: 9/10.


Anastasia is amazing, she can almost completely leave the SUV: she can adapt to most teams, especially in the art world, and cause damage, while helping the team to survive and resist the enemy. Some tricks of the Fang team.

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In fact, the only factor that makes you a sad person may be that your class hinders your overall potential for injury.


  • NP’s overall growth is good, and there is potential for NP spam.
  • NP and abilities will activate the benefit reduction effect, increase equipment damage.
  • You can start ATK.
  • Can reduce enemy resistance to debuff.
  • With single-target stun.
  • NP seals all enemy abilities.
  • The first ability gives you the advantage of being invincible and ignoring.


  • No powerful defense survival skills.
  • Your level multiplier can limit your losses to some extent.
  • As the impact on your skill increases, sometimes it can.
  • It is difficult to benefit from all these people at the same time.

Strategies and Tips

  • To be honest, Anastasia is almost overwhelming. Not only does it have considerable offensive potential, it is also convenient because the toolkit contains a number of useful tools.
  • It is not surprising that Anastasia tried to cause damage in the same way as other art servants. Her hit ratio NP </em Christensen is very high.
  • The NP gain is very large, allowing you to pass it very frequently. She also has great potential, including 12% passive art passive value, QAAAB -A- NP card pool, her card’s effective return is 1.53 %, the NP carrying capacity is 50%. By looking at your overall potential, you can show the money you can earn against 3 enemies in the NPAAEX chain: (self polishing): 64% (no polishing): 46%
  • It can be said that her damage potential is not great because her artistic potential lasts only one round, but remember that her attack power can last even 3, and her NP also reduces > DEF . This means that as you use NP more, your damage will increase.
  • In addition to being hurt, Anastasia can also help her team survive and use some useful things in the kit to deal with some tricks.
  • When stacked with many other art servers, your ATK is useful because it further weakens the enemy’s attack on the team.
  • It can also pierce invincible turns as well as skill seals and cause dizziness.
  • Passively increase the success rate of Debuff and reduce its resistance.
  • You can also further increase the hit rate of Debuff .
  • It’s amazing to see all of this in one kit, and Anastasia as an art maid makes all of this worthwhile.
  • As an art maid, you can naturally adapt to art teams that can benefit from or add effects. This can make its performance very stable and consistent.
  • In fact, there are only two obvious weaknesses in the suite:
  • The fact that she’s a caster, due to her 0.9x level multiplier, somewhat limits the chance of her overall damage.
  • Another fact is that because the kit contains multiple effects, it is difficult to benefit from all the effects at the same time.
  • Sometimes, in some cases, a person may have to sacrifice one effect for another or arrange time to use with absolutely absurd precision, so as not to waste anything.
  • The queen still brought a lot to the table, and wasn’t too bothered by any visible or similar deficiencies.
  • Ice Queen is an excellent complement to SSR wheelsets and one of the few people who can really get rid of their stigma.
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Ivan the Terrible


  • Rank: A.
  • Cost: 16.
  • Class: Rider.
  • Rating: Undefined.


Ivan may be one of the most powerful drivers to date: his abilities allow him to gain great damage and practical potential, and can help the team fight off many enemies.


  • Good damage NP , exerting Buster resistance downwards.
  • You can remove your own negative effects.
  • Has a higher overall NP gain.
  • You can remove all benefits from the enemy.
  • You have an AoE ATK below.
  • It can produce stars in every revolution.


  • The influence of your third ability is enough, and can sometimes hinder everyone’s interests.

Strategies and Tips

  • Ivan is a monster, not only for his tall body, but not only has great attack potential.
  • It also has excellent practicality, can change the course of the battle, and is beneficial to your team.
  • It has no obvious weaknesses and will not affect its performance.
  • To fully understand its benefits, we will present its benefits in detail.
  • As for the damage, the performance of Ivan is very good: only with his ability, his Buster card It can be increased by 40%, but due to its NP handicap, it can accumulate at least 60% growth in 3 rounds.
  • Its Buster boosting ability also comes with a starlight enhancement effect per revolution, therefore since its class is born with high star absorption rate, it can easily cope with critics of high powered Buster .
  • And it doesn’t stop there: You can also increase NP gain most of the time on the site. With its 2 Art cards and its critical potential, you can charge the meter at a good speed.
  • This means that although its advantages and disadvantages are active, it will cause more damage to the next NP , allowing you to accumulate more resistance from Buster.
  • The first is the ability to eliminate negative effects. The function to eliminate negative effects is very useful as a tool because it can remove Ivan from any annoying effect that may be designed to hinder its damage or survival.
  • It is not as convincing, but it can increase its superior performance and even compensate for strong enemy moves based on debuff .
  • His third ability grants him 2 more effects: ATK drop and area of effect elimination gain.
  • The dropped ATK is very simple: it reduces enemy damage so that the team can survive longer, especially when it has the same effect as other servers.
  • However, removing enhancements from AOE is an excellent tool. It allows Ivan to defend herself and defend enhanced features and / or abilities that can paralyze or kill the entire team.
  • However, this is certainly not perfect. In most cases, it is difficult to use NP twice in a three-shift system.
  • The impact of your third ability is also grouped, making it difficult to use on a regular basis, as it is generally preferred to save the deletion method at the critical moment.
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Fate Grand Order tier list: Four Stars

In order not to offer you a considerable range of cuts when only taking into account those characters with 5 stars. Those with only a lower rank are also quite practical on the battlefield.

That is why, below, we will introduce you to those members of the Fate Grand Order tier list with a 4-star rating.



  • Rank: C.
  • Cost: 12.
  • Class: Assassin.
  • Rating: 6/10.


  • It has lower statistics.
  • Your cover is insufficient.
  • Emiya has a medium skill level and is surpassed by other 4-star assassins.
  • With decent key generation statistics, Emiya was unable to fulfill the key generation role due to her BAAQQ deck . His performance in the NP generation is very bad, especially compared to the four-star assassin Ryogi Shiki (assassin), who can spam the NP.
  • His abilities are also average: he is a fan of his own art, invincible prick greatly reduces defensive resistance to other enemies, and specific taunts also give him a key star.
  • If Emiya is not surpassed by other servants in many fields, it will be a versatile and popular department.


  • Work is in progress.


  • Work is in progress.

Strategies and Tips

  • Emiya’s third ability comes in handy when combined with dodging or invincible abilities to absorb a large amount of NP from a single target.
  • Unable to give a full game to the key role or harm the dealer, Emiya can only make a small contribution to the specific team.
  • Must be used to fill fast chain or art chain to get more key stars or NP charges.
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Irisviel (Dress from Heaven)


  • Rank: C.
  • Cost: 12.
  • Class: Caster.
  • Rating: 6.5 / 10.


  • The characteristic feature of Irisviel is the courage that she gave to the whole party, which is inherent in her “noble fantasy”.
  • In addition, it also has a high ability to treat blasting chamber capable of treating up to 9000 HP for a single target with the highest potential.
  • She has invincible ability, which means that life is fairly easy to sustain.
  • However, its biggest disadvantage is that the NP gain is less than average. Her ability to improve this gain can only bring her to a normal level. Even, to the maximum, resulting in less than expected healing output.
  • Your first ability can increase the healing effect as well as a considerable cooldown time, which means it will stop working between the two treatment bursts.


  • High healing power.
  • AoE Guts.
  • Survivabl.


  • Low NP gain.
  • Except for healing and guts, there is no other function.
  • Prolonged downtime.

Strategies and Tips

  • The main problem with using Irisviel is that you need to make adjustments to improve NP gain. These include the help of craft essences (such as Prisma Cosmos) and servants (such as Tamamo no Mae).
  • Guts can be used as a powerful defensive ability; however, you must heal the team after the fact, so timing is very important to your use.
  • Her flawless ability should be used to protect her during critical turns, though it can also be used as a way to increase her NP gain so she can keep up.

Latest observations from the Fate Grand Order tier list

To finish with this Fate Grand Order tier list , it is important to take into account the recommendations and observations that you will see below.

The first of them is that this time, we only focus on characters with a fairly high rarity value. Which does not mean that those with few stars are not worth it.

On the contrary, it is always good to experiment and consider all the options that may best suit your combat style.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Fate Grand Order Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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