Satisfactory: Command Console Codes

One of the things that players always look for is the way to improve their experience within the video games that they are most passionate about. Such is the case of Satisfactory , a new construction game where you have to collect resources on a distant planet to build an automated factory. And to achieve this, Let’s talk about Gamers brings you the most complete list codes for Satisfactory to improve your manufacturing experience.

How can I use the commands?

The first thing you need is to open the console. To do this, simply press the CTRL + SHIFT + L keys simultaneously

The command line is then opened with the “~” (Tilde) key. And if you want to enlarge it, just press “~” twice. This is quite useful for some commands.

Command list

Here’s the satisfactory console commands list with a short description of what each command does.

To improve game performance

  • Gamma [number] : change the level of gamma (brightness)
  • MaterialFlowAnalysiscipeName [FString] : Find the necessary elements per second for all the elements that can be created. Requires a large console command line window.
  • Atmosphere [either 0 or 1]: Activate or deactivate the atmosphere.
  • Fog [0 or 1] : Turn fog on or off.
  • ViewDistanceScale: Sets the distance to represent elements.
  • ScreenPercentage [percent]: E sets the internal resolution scale.
  • TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight [number between 0-1]: Sets the impact of the current internal frame on the final image.
  • TemporaryAAFilterSize: Sets the distribution of TAA samples.
  • TemporaryAASamples [number]: Sets the number of samples to be used for TAA.
  • Tonemapper.Sharpen [number]: Sets the amount of a simple focus filter.
  • Statistics unit: Shows information about various graphical statistics
  • Suicide: M ties the player
  • Stat FPS: Show an FPS counter
  • Statistics levels: M our level transmission information
  • MaxFPS [value]: Set the maximum frame rate (set the value to 0 for unlimited)
  • FOV [value]: Sets the field of view. (We recommend you not use a value greater than 150)
  • ShowDebug [DebugType]: Using this command with any DebugType will show the player’s name, coordinates in the world, owner, base eye height, rotation and the instigator, as well as additional information, depending on which DebugType you have used.

For DebugType

  • AI : ( Unknown use) – Presumably displays information about enemies and / or automatic vehicles near the player.
  • AKAUDIOSOURCES: Shows the number of active audio sources + other information. Run again to display default information.
  • ANIMATION : (Unknown use) – Presumably displays information about which frame of an animation is playing, the name of the animation, etc.
  • BONES : (Unknown use) – Presumably shows information about bone connections and their orientation in non-static models
  • CAMERA: Show additional information about the camera position.
  • CIRCUITS: Show information about any electrical network (circuit) in the world .
  • COLLISION : (Unknown use) Presumably shows collision information.
  • FACTORY: Shows the number of structures built by the player (not including vehicles) in order from highest to lowest.
  • FACTORY CONNECTIONS : (Unknown use) – Run again to display default information. (Cause extreme delay, use very carefully)
  • FORCEFEEDBACK: Displays information about current force feedback values ??and what is contributing to that calculation
  • INPUT: Shows information about which input method is currently being used (keyboard / mouse) .
  • NET: (Unknown use) Presumably used to display multiplayer connection information.
  • PHYSICS : Show information about; Current player speed components and other physics related information.
  • RADIATION: Displays information related to the radioactivity subsystem .
  • SPHERE RADIATIONS: (Unknown use) – Presumably it shows spheres where radiation would begin to affect the player.
  • TRACKS: Displays information about the railway subsystem related to the tracks.
  • TRAINS : Shows information about the railway subsystem belonging to trains.
  • VEHICLE: Show information about the vehicle the player is in
  • WEAPON: Show information about weapons or retained tools.

With this list Satisfactory codes , your in-game experience will improve considerably. It only remains to get to work and enjoy building a mega automatic factory with Satisfactory .

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