SCP: Guide with all the secret laboratory codes

The world is at risk, a series of anomalies have mocked the security code of the SCP foundation. In this guide we will show you all the secret scp codes so you can fight them or be part of them and escape from the SCP laboratories

Controls for the PC

  • Shoot – Mouse 0
  • Zoom – Mouse 1
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Action button – E
  • Inventory – I
  • Reload – R
  • Execute – Left + Shift
  • Voice chat – Q
  • Sneak – C
  • Move forward – W
  • Move back -S
  • Move to the left corner – A
  • Move to the Right – D
  • List of players – N
  • Remote Administrator – M
  • Toggle flashlight – F
  • Speech of 939 – V

What does each action do?

In spectator mode you should use LMB and RMB to locate different characters

  • Inventory: Will open the inventory menu
  • List of players: Allows you to see the list of players
  • Remote Administrator: Toggle console usage
  • Run: Allows you to run faster but with more noise.
  • Sneak: Allows you to sneak or mute
  • Flashlight: You’ll use a flashlight

A very useful tip

You will always find useful things by checking on the shelves. To do this, you just need to leave the E key near them. From here you have the possibility to find objects such as the following:

  • SCP: Secret commands of the lab console
  • SCP: Secret Lab Cheat Codes
  • SCP: Secret Lab: Item ID and class ID for server owners
  • SCP: Secret laboratory: how to find control points and elevators
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory – The LCZ Section

With this guide of secret codes scp you will have all the tools to save our world.

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