Slither.IO Codes – January 2022 (Complete List)


Slither.IO codes are the best alternative to improve your gaming experience and enjoy this popular game to the fullest. Get new clothes, glasses and hairstyles with this cheats lists that we have prepared for you.

Worldwide Slither.IO Codes – Updated January 2022

0351-6343-0591Pink star glasses, short brown hair, and 3D glasses.
0056-6697-1963Hard hat, wings, Crown
0577-9466-2919Cat-eye glasses, red cape
0368-9044-0388Deerstalker hat, bat wings
0139-6516-0269Rabbit ears, visor
0150-6765-3242Joke glasses, mustache, monocle, heart glasses
0351-6343-0591Pink star glasses, unicorn horn, blonde wig
0465-2156-5071Reindeer antlers, black wig, spiral hypnosis glasses
0295-1038-1704Star glasses, brown wig, blue glasses
0334-1842-7574Baseball hat and headphones
0309-9703-3794Red wig, green tie, spiked headband
0068-5256-3709Bear ears, angel wings, graduation cap

Is important to say that all these codes are worldwide. So don’t be shy!

Expired Slitherio Codes

Fortunately for lovers of this great title that defies time and passes from generation to generation, all the codes continue to work.

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click on the “Enter Code” button
  3. Enter your code

This is working for any code, so don’t waste your time!

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