Takeover Bacterial Codes – Complete List (October 2021)

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códigos de bacterial takeover

The apocalyptic vision of science is always linked to an asteroid or pandemic by a virus or bacteria. A somewhat macabre perspective but ideal for the inspiration of certain video games that end up being really fun. Even more so if you receive any help like the one HDGamers brings you with the Bacterial Takeover codes .

Valid and active codes of Bacterial Takeover

The Bacterial Takeover codes are simple commands that will allow you to enhance your research. Either because they will give you more knowledge of crops or more resources to study them. So you will have free rein to feel like the savior of humanity.

Next, we leave you the codes that are currently in force.

  • Igor is awesome: You achieve 10x current Bacteria.
  • I want gene strands: You achieve gene strands.
  • Is it salmonella: You achieve 10x current bacteria.
  • Bye earth: You achieve 3x strands of current genes.
  • Do i see diamonds: Get 15 diamonds.
  • Hello: You achieve 10x current Bacteria.
  • Unicellular organism: You get bacteria.
  • Moonbase: You achieve 10x current Bacteria.
  • neguli: You get an evolved bacterium.
  • jellyfishmercy: You get free genes.
  • TENDIAMONDS: You get free diamonds.
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Expired Takeover Bacterial Codes

To the bad fortune of lovers of this video game, there are already some codes that stopped giving us their helping hand in our fight to know the future threats of humanity. These codes are as follows.

  • Meclr: 20 Diamonds were obtained.
  • I love bacteria: They were obtained
  • Alpha Ursae Minoris: 100 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Grav lrp: Bacteria were obtained
  • 2A: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • MarsIsFlat: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Mitochondria: 10x Genes were obtained.
  • O65: 15 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Acbaciuscereil: 15 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Rabbits: Bacteria were obtained
  • 1 + 1 = ???: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • A pile of nanobots: Bacteria were obtained
  • Arsine: 20 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Evil Genius: Obtained 15 Diamonds.
  • Savebug: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Panic: 100 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Polartower: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • What is ccode: 11 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Grayrror: 10x Bacteria were obtained.
  • Dontfeelsogood: 10 Diamonds were obtained.
  • Fairyyup: 10x Bacteria were obtained.
  • Nendsudes: 10x Genes were obtained.
  • 3844: 15 Diamonds were obtained.
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How to redeem Bacterial Takeover codes

To redeem the Bacterial Takeover codes , just go to the S pace Communication . Then, you will have to select the codes option to be able to enter the commands of your preference.

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