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One of the most important questions we ask ourselves when starting all adventure game is that character </ strong> choose. A situation that does not escape Don’t starve together by offering us a vast list of characters with whom to live your adventure. But, if you want to make the best decision from the first moment, in HDGamers we will tell you a little about each of these friendly allies.

The idea of ??this guide

As we discussed at the beginning of this entry. The only purpose we have in HDGamers is to introduce you to the characteristics of each of the characters that make up the universe of Don’t starve together . So you can choose the best option with whom to take your first steps in this incredible game.

In this sense, we have prepared a list in which we will present each of them, from the best to the worst that is available. However, it does not mean that if you choose the latter, it is a complete waste. Everyone has their good and bad things, so our recommendation is that, when you want to know a little more about the game, use another character.

Don't starve together characters

The characters

Below we will show you all the characters you will have available in the game. As well as their initial statistics and some curiosities that you have to know about each of them.

On the other hand, depending on the attributes and qualities for which each one stands out. They are divided into groups and, as previously discussed, they will be presented in the corresponding order from best to least recommended.

Type S

S type characters are characterized by being the best from the beginning. They are ideal for novice players and are designed in such a way that you can grow and learn everything you need from the game with them.


If what you want is power, strength and the best survival capacity, this is your best option. The Wolfgang is by far the best fighter in Don’t starve together .

One quality that you have to handle very well is the rhythm with which you feed it. If you want to survive, it is recommended that you be quite hungry, it sounds cruel, but it will be very useful. Especially when you are hungry 225 or above, you are going to get a considerable increase in damage, as well as your speed values ??and, above all, more health points. It can be said that hunger unleashes the beast.

However, when your hunger is less than 100 the opposite happens. In these values ??you will lose a lot of damage, speed and you will lose life points. But, you will be more stable under the influence of the darkness that surrounds you and you will be more attentive to the enemies that lurk in the shadows.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150-300
  • Hunger: 300
  • Sanity: 200


Continuing with our tour of all the characters in Don’t starve together . It is time to talk about the WX-78, like the previous one, it is one of the best in the game.

In a way, they are very close to each other. With the difference that this is the tank of the game and one of the favorites of the users for its graphic design. If you are exploring a bit about this game before purchasing it, it is the robot.

Speaking precisely about it, it is a quite useful option if you are going to start the game. With their great attributes of health and sanity, they allow you to resist the attacks of multiple enemies and survive it. Especially when it is equipped with a tulacita crown and night armor.

But if you are looking to improve your attributes, just try to be struck by lightning. Although it sounds crazy, it will greatly increase your movement speed and increase your attack speed, in addition to giving you an aura of light for a long time. So as crazy as it sounds, if you choose the WX-78 it tries to hunt lightning.

However, you will have to be very careful with the water, especially when it rains. This will do a lot of damage to the WX-78, lowering its defense to critical points. Also, always try to save some gears, 3 to be precise and you can keep this friend in optimal conditions.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150-400
  • Hunger: 150-200
  • Sanity: 150-300

Don't starve together personajes


It may not stand out for its armor or attack power, but the Wickerbottom is one of the strongest characters you can find in Don’t starve together. But, if there is something that this curious ally stands out for, it is in their intellect and ability to manipulate their environment.

Starting with the ability to create machines that allow you to make objects and books with which you can easily face the mysteries that await you on your journey. In this sense, the books will give you access to a wide variety of skills that we will describe below:

  • Birds of the World: An ability that will allow you to summon several birds around your location. Which can be cultivated to get feathers and snacks.
  • Applied Horticulture: A fairly useful skill that will allow you to grow all the plants around your area instantly.
  • Sleepytime Stories: Acer: It will allow you to bring all your resources and treasures closer to the moment you sleep. Very useful to replenish energy and protect your crops and belongings.
  • On Tentacles: The first attack ability we encountered since she summons some tentacles to fight your enemies.
  • The End is Nigh: A skill of both attack and support. She summons several lightning bolts with which you can attack your enemies and, as we discussed with the WX-78, you can help her recharge quickly.
Base statistics:
  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 250

Type A

Now that you know all the qualities of the characters of type S. It is time to talk about a slightly lower category, but just as interesting.


The Webber is a pretty good character overall. It has quite respectable attributes and interesting gameplay. Even more if you like to control other animals and combat between multiple enemies.

Graphically it will not be one of the characters more graceful. But his lack of visual charisma has a reason linked to his abilities. We refer to that lush beard with which you can make use of a fairly effective natural camouflage with the weeds of the area.

Likewise, that appearance makes him a target of the forest animals that, in most cases, will attack him. However, its greatest strength is its control over spiders. Yes, you can control these friendly allies by becoming one with the forest.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 175
  • Hunger: 175
  • Sanity: 100


If you are looking for speed and efficiency when collecting valuable materials, Maxwell is your best option. What makes it so useful in this endeavor is its ability to summon up to 4 total shadow clones. With them, you will be able to cut, fell, fight, extract resources and dig. The best helpers you can imagine.

However, with each clone summoned, your maximum sanity will be greatly diminished by your maximum sanity, as the clones are alive. But, you don’t have much to worry about in this regard as a passive sanity gain ability. A character quite balanced and very useful in your adventure.

But, as the only negative point we can highlight that he is the character with the lowest value of life points in the entire game. So if you choose it, you will have to know how to play it very well since it is a little fragile in this sense.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 75
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200


She is the first female character we meet on this journey through the world of Don’t starve together . We can start by highlighting that it is one of the best options if you are looking for balance within battles and survival. Primarily for having the ability to increase its damage, life, and sanity as it kills enemies.

In addition, it alone has very good base attributes. But, the reason he is not an S-type character is simple, his diet.

It is clearly carnivorous and, in your first steps through the game, animals are scarce so you will have many problems to feed it.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 120
  • Sanity: 120

Type B

We have already reached an intermediate point, which means that the following characters inour list will need a little more attention and experience to exploit its full potential.


If you are looking for a collection option other than Maxwell , Woodie might be a good alternative. Although we do not really recommend it.

The only great variation Woodie has that makes her a striking character, to say the least, is her ability to become a beaver and increase the speed with which she collects wood. However, it is a temporary condition and will depend on the number of branches you eat. Of the rest, he is a fairly basic character and doesn’t have much to compete with Maxwell .

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200


Another character quite similar, in terms of its graphic attributes, with Webber . It could be said that they are the best in a beard contest since it is practically the only outstanding skill that Wilson has.

Apart from allowing him to create a camouflage and blend in with his surroundings and produce, from his own beard, the raw material to make effagies of meat . It is not a character that we can give it a very high rating, but neither so low. We can say that it is quite normal. Although, in the beard and ability contest, stick with Webber .

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Don ' t starve together characters


When we talk about Winona we refer to the last character included in Don’t starve together . So you could say that it should have something more to offer than all Type B.

However, his most valuable skill is the speed with which he can craft items. As well as a sewing kit, although it is really useless if you are away from a light source. So, generally speaking, he is not a character so striking as to start playing with her.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200


This is the strongest and most striking character of all type B. Not only for having the best base attributes, but for his peculiar way of fighting.

The story of Wendy begins with being accompanied by a flower that we recommend you plant as soon as you enter the game. In a few days it will flower and with that flower you can invoke Wendy’s sister.

In reality, Abigale is the great eye-catcher of using Wendy who, by herself does not do much damage, but her sister is indeed a lethal weapon. It can end up on its own with multitudes of enemies, although not very large, but they would kill little Wendy quickly.

Also, Abigale has the ability to automatically regenerate life and will keep an eye on the base while her sister is resting. However, her fighting spirit will last until she is eliminated or you call her back. In both cases, you can restart the invocation process. The truth, a very interesting character to play.

Base statistics:
  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Type F

The last type of characters are those of class F, being at the bottom of this rating you can already give you an idea of ??how impractical they are. However, they can be interesting to play if you are looking for a bigger challenge. Although from the beginning, we do not recommend them.


He is easily the worst character in the game. Not just for having the lowest base stats of all. He also has a single remarkable ability that doesn’t really do much good.

Wes is dedicated to creating balloons as weapons that when exploded can damage multiple enemies at the same time. If, as you read, just damaging it doesn’t kill them. So if you are looking for a challenge in Don’t starve together , choose this character .

Base statistics:
  • Health: 113
  • Hunger: 113
  • Sanity: 150


Second place in the ranking of worst characters of Don’t starve together. Willow does not stand out in any particular item. Although, if you want to get coal easily, it might be useful.

Of the rest, we can talk about statistics almost as bad as those of Wes and with quite useless skills for game development. Another great character that you can choose from if you are looking for a real survival challenge.

Base statistics:

Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 120

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