All Brawlhalla Commands! – Updated 2023 (Complete Table)

Any day is special as long as we have a game, something like Brawlhalla, that gives us long hours of entertainment, especially when it’s with friends. To prevent anarchy from reigning in the temple of peace, today we bring you all the Brawlhalla commands.

You may think that they will give you a huge advantage over your enemies, but the truth is that it is not that and here you will see it.

What are the Brawlhalla commands?

To begin with, it is important to tell you that there are two types of Brawlhalla commands. First of all, we have those cheats that any user can use no matter what device they play on. These are the ones you will see below.


Use this command to clear all in-game chat history.

/teamcolor list

With this trick you will be able to see the list of colors available for each team in the game.

/teamcolor [1/2] <color>

Use this command to assign the color to each group.

The “1” is the character that appears on the left and the “2” is the one that appears on the right side.

It should be noted that by default the colors red and blue are assigned respectively.

/teamcolor reset

If you want to go back to the default settings regarding the colors of the game, use this trick in the chat window and you will achieve it.

brawlhalla commands

Brawlhalla commands: An interesting fact

As we discussed earlier, there are two types of Brawlhalla commands that you should be aware of. In this second part of our guide we will explain the curiosities of a second form of cheats for this game.

These are exclusive to the Steam platform and will allow you, from the start, to configure the game to your liking. With that said, here’s what those commands are.


With this command you will be able to eliminate all the skulls of Bombs.

Note: Only works on the Shipwreck Falls map.


It should be noted that all the Brawlhalla commands that allow you to change the color of the team necessarily require that this code be activated.


In case you are one of those players who have a lag, in game input, this command will allow you to change the fps limit from 60 to -62.


This is, on its own, one of the most engaging and fun Brawlhalla commands in the game. With it you will be able to connect several keyboards to your computer and use them as if they were independent controls. It’s great!


A command whose purpose remains a huge mystery is this. With it you will get the game to open in a window with a resolution of 960×540 . What is the use? If anyone knows, please tell us.


Use this trick to assign a limit number of fps to play based on the capacity of your computer.

Brawlhalla tier list

How to use Brawlhalla commands?

At this point it is extremely important to differentiate each of the types of Brawlhalla commands that we have shown you. Next, we will tell you how to use each of them.

For chat commands

These are the tricks of the /command form that we saw at the beginning of the article. To activate them you just have to do the following:

  • Open the chat window in the game.
  • Write the command.
  • Give Enter.
  • Enjoy them.

For boot commands

By default, these are the other types of commands in Brawlhalla, specifically those of the form -command. These are exclusive to the Steam platform and are activated like this:

  • Go to Steam Library.
  • Right click on the game.
  • Look for the properties option.
  • Once here, go to the Boot Options section.
  • This will open a new dialog window where you can type the commands you want one by one.
  • Finally, hit the accept button and start the game.

Final recommendations on Brawlhalla commands

At this point it is worth remembering that all these tricks will not give you any advantage over your allies or enemies. Plain and simple they serve to adjust the game so that you can enjoy it in the best way.

On the other hand, if you really want to become a true master of platform combat, we recommend you review our Brawlhalla tier list.

With it you will learn which are the strongest characters in the game and something else. That said, as far as the Brawlhalla commands are concerned, there is nothing left but to invite you to enjoy a great game.

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