Shindo Life Conquest Codes Private Servers

Games that are so well-liked that they transcend the typical mini-experience hopping that most players engage in are among Roblox’s hits. Shindo Life is a standout example; it provides a big area to explore, a variety of interconnected game aspects, and, most significantly, a sizable user base.

Joining a private server linked to a specific place is the best way to gather any item in-game. You must input a code in order to access each private server. You can keep loading your game wherever you choose as long as you have these codes handy. The list of private server codes for every location in Shindo Life on Roblox is below, so have a look.

Private Servers Codes List

The following Private Server codes are exclusive to the game’s Conquest region.

  • 41vNZM – PS Code
  • 1kLrW7 – PS Code
  • 1Y5vfS – PS Code
  • 2m7JCX – PS Code
  • p9VrvP – PS Code
  • QTQ4ev – PS Code
  • dTEtQJ – PS Code
  • 5be0y8 – PS Code
  • 5oGOCd – PS Code
  • 66J3mQ – PS Code
  • WTHU-s – PS Code
  • k5XuYZ – PS Code
  • b35ZTf – PS Code
  • C69mum – PS Code
  • D59wcH – PS Code
  • 4JZW74 – PS Code
  • 0PYoiO – PS Code
  • vtQaWm – PS Code
  • OJ95ne – PS Code
  • gFffNC – PS Code
  • J8miW4 – PS Code
  • sC3GYG – PS Code
  • TQX_v3 – PS Code
  • UmoNU – PS Code
  • aPAruo – PS Code
  • B_WNgi – PS Code

Spawn times

Conquest is a team-deathmatch version of capture the flag. For this game mode to be played, players must be Level 500 or greater. Each squad has to seize one of five flags. In order to continue defending a flag that has been taken by their team from the enemy team, a player who dies can decide to respawn at that flag. Remember that the rewards from this mode are totally dependent on where you rank on the leaderboard.

How can you access a private Shindo Life server?

To enter a Shindo Life private server, simply follow these instructions:

  • Log into Roblox and launch Shindo Life
  • Go to the ‘Travel’ section of the menu after opening it.
  • Tap the “[Private Server]” button.
  • Add one of our codes here.
  • Press “Teleport.”
  • You’re in!

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.



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