Undertale Commands – Complete Guide

During all this time we have seen several games grow fast like that. At first, it did not have a very good appearance because it looked somewhat outdated. But when you try it, you discover an extremely entertaining and complete story. So much so that you’ll want some cheats like the Undertale commands.

Yes, we know that teaching people to be dishonest and cheat is bad. But trust us, this game is going to take you to the brink of despair even though we’re already a little crazy aren’t we?

What are Undertale commands?

Have you ever wondered how can I earn more gold in Undertale? This is one of the most comprehensive questions and tedious of the game. This is where taking a few shortcuts can be particularly helpful.

So, when we talk about the commands of Undertale, we are referring precisely to those little green paths where life is much easier. That is, they are some traps that will make your game a less frustrating and much more entertaining experience.

Undertale commands

Undertale commands: Something happened to them

We know that this idea may sound really great; however, like many wonderful things in life, it is a complete utopia.

By this we mean that, unfortunately, there are no Undertale commands no matter how strong and pure our desire may be. It’s really terrible but let’s see this as something positive, after all, we will have an incredible opportunity to remember how it was played in the beginning of the gamer era.

Is there something similar?

Although there are no Undertale commands as we mentioned earlier, there is a way to get some traps for our game.

However, it is a long, dark and dangerous road that a minimum mistake can cause the end of the world, at least, within Undertale.

As commented by several users of the social network Reddit, there is a way to get infinite gold without any command or mod for Undertale. To achieve it, you must do this:

  • Locate the file0 which is usually located in %localappdata%\undertale.
  • Open it with notepad.
  • In the eighth or ninth line of the file you can enter the amount of gold you want to have.
  • Finally, save your changes and start the game.

You may have the same feeling as us when you learn that Undertale commands do not exist. But we can still enjoy this great game with all its exciting and frustrating quests.



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