AFK Arena Ancient Ruins: Guide

Congratulations! You are a very adventurous gamer, you have come across the first, best, and for now the only guide in Spanish to cross the ancient ruins of AFK arena.

You did it, unlocked the “Ancient Ruins” the fifth kingdom of Peaks of Time. Now it is time to venture into them and of course you could not do it without first consulting Talking about Gamers.

Today we prepare an article for you as a step-by-step guide to complete this dark realm as fast as possible, without breaking the phone or uninstalling the game in the attempt.

How to pass the ancient ruins in AFK

First we recommend a hero level of at least 135 or more.

Attention, this is probably the most frustrating and complicated level in the entire Peaks of Time realm. If you reached this article, it is because you may have already noticed.

Step 1:

The first step is really intuitive, you must clean all the camps that you can get on the left and on the right side of the map.

This is just the beginning so you should have no problem completing the step and getting all the relics.

If you start having too many problems to complete the first step, I recommend that you do not continue within this level. First, level your heroes or their teams a little more.

The chest just to the right of the position indicator is the LAST one you should go to. Inside is the most difficult test of the whole level apart from the boss.

Step 2:

Avoid at all costs using the portal on the left . Activate the yellow mark to be able to move north.

This operation should give you access to the entire northeast part of the map, now you only need to clear this new area too.

In the northeast you will find two mercenary camps that will give you additional heroes and relics. Do them first so you don’t have problems defeating the rest of the camps.

Do not use the Wilders inside the mercenary fields, they will be of little use to you because in general the opposing team will have a 25% bonus against them.

Step 3:

Activate the blue tick and walk back to the far left of the map. Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THE PORTAL ON THE RIGHT. If you use it you will end up trapped and guess what? To start all over again.

Once you activate the yellow mark enters the portal on the left side, not before.

Summing up: Blue mark, yellow mark and use the portal that is right next to the yellow mark. IN THAT ORDER.

In case you had any doubts, here is Gareth Bale:

Step 4:

This is one of the most misleading parts. As soon as you cross the portal you will find 3 camps, these will not give you any kind of relic and to make matters worse they will reappear every time you use the portal.

The heroes inside these camps become level 145, so you don’t have to face them multiple times.

Step 5:

Defeat two of the three camps, you don’t need to beat them all, twice is enough to move from there. Immediately move left until you see the camp in front of the green mark.

Defeat that camp and get its relic.

Step 6:

Walk to the right side of the map where there is a blue mark, use it.

You will be trapped in a small space, but there will be a portal that you can use.

This portal will take you back to the camps in step four, you will have to defeat them again … We told you that this level was complex.

Step 7:

Once you defeat the camps a second time, you will realize that the path to the green mark is clear. How wonderful! .. Not so much, now you will have to walk back to the yellow marker.

If you don’t return to the yellow rune and activate it, don’t enter the sector behind the green rune.

Step 8:

Complete all the camps you encounter along the way until you reach a red mark, activate it. Do not use the portal that is near the red mark.

Walk north until you find a camp behind a green rock.

Step 9:

Defeat the camp behind the green rock and now start your way back to the blue mark … Yes, there is no other, you will have to walk all back, we are not kidding.

Step 10:

We’re almost done! Once you activate the blue brand again you will have access to the camps in the northwest section, which are the last.

The section should look like this if you successfully activated the blue marker:

Step 11:

Walk up and access the new stage of the map that has been unlocked. In it you will find multiple camps to defeat and even a hero to resurrect.

Once you clear the entire camp area you will be able to access the final battle area.

Step 12:

If you have followed the path of the camps now you are in front of a red rune, you will have to … Walk on it, yes, nothing, there are no more tricks.

Put down the next red rock you come across and you’re done! You can finally fight the boss of the Ancient Ruins.

The boss will have level 170 heroes, but don’t worry, if you have characters of at least 140 you can defeat him using the obtained relics.

Congratulations! You have learned how to complete the ancient ruins of AFK Arena. If you completed the level using our article comment “I did it!” .



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