How to turn off notifications in Windows 10

We know, nowadays we receive notifications of practically everything in life, even the simplest app you can imagine will want to send you notifications periodically. If you want to de-stress a little and at least avoid receiving notifications from your computer, in this article we will teach you how to disable notifications in Windows 10.

Emails, messages sent through the networks, WhatsApp, any game you have installed and even Netflix wants to send you notifications today. If you want to lower your stress level a little or need a little break from the red circles with numbers, continue reading.

Would you rather do a video tutorial? At the end of the article you will find a guide to learn how to disable notifications from YouTube. We will leave you a couple of videos one to deactivate the notifications of the Windows 10 system configured in Spanish and another to deactivate them if you have the system configured in English.

Turn off notifications in Windows:

The first thing you should do is open the system settings menu by pressing the Windows button and looking for the gear icon.

Once inside the system settings click on the notifications and actions button, you can get it on the left side of the screen.

Per App Notification Settings

If you want to modify the quick actions or you only want to modify all the actions of the notifications you will have to click on the option “Edit my actions”.

Once you click, the options menu will be displayed where you can choose which notifications and how they appear in your Windows 10 operating system.

You can decide separately which notifications you want to allow Windows to keep showing you and which ones you want to remove. You can even activate new notifications that are disabled by default.

We recommend that you take a close look at this panel to adapt the notifications to your requirements and styles.

  • From this menu you can also configure how Windows alerts you to its notifications.
  • You can allow to receive notifications from applications and other programs.
  • Also ask Windows to show you notifications even with the screen locked.
  • You will find options to configure, alarms, reminders, and options very similar to those you would have on a mobile.
  • You will have useful tools such as completely eliminating notifications when you are duplicating the screen, for example while teaching with a projector or while synchronizing your laptop on a TV screen.

Turn off those you need to turn off and make sure to leave on the ones that benefit you the most, the advantage of this menu is that you can decide which notification to see and which one to simply remove.

How to mute notifications temporarily:

But what if I want to silence my operating system for just a little while? It can? Yes

To do this simply find the notification center in the lower right corner of your screen.

Once the drop-down menu opens you will see that the symbol of a moon appears between one of the icons. By clicking on it, you can choose between different silence modes, such as the alarms only mode, or the configuration of priority alerts.

If you want to go even further you can customize this option and decide for how long it is activated, or what notifications should be displayed while your device is in silent mode.

To change the settings you just have to type in the search engine “Focus aisist” and it will show you the crescent icon that will allow you to enter the detailed settings of the silent mode of your Windows 10. </ p>

How to mute all notifications?

Without a doubt the most annoying thing about Windows 10 notifications are not the visual alerts but rather the sound. Good news, thanks to an update that was made last year, now you can completely disable only the sound of all the notifications that Windows 10 wants to send you.

To perform this procedure you will have to go back to the system settings, click on the option “notifications and actions” and search the notifications list for an option that says “Allow sound for notifications”.

By default this option is checked, all you have to do is click on it to disable it.

It is important that your PC is completely updated, as we told you earlier this is a recent update. If you have not downloaded the latest updates from your operating system, you may not be able to see this option in the list.

By deactivating the option you will never be bothered by one of the arbitrary Windows notifications again. To activate it again you just have to go back to the list and click on the option so that the check next to it appears again.

If you have any doubts, at the end of the article you have a couple of videos to complement the information.

With this you already have enough information to choose how you want to disable them in Windows 10, so it was time for some memes:



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