Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 1 – Complete Guide

It can be said that horror games are not as popular as movies in this genre. But in the case of Bendy and the Ink Machine , you want to revalue the suspense. For this reason, in HDGamers we will tell you how to survive the Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1 and enjoy it at the same time.

Chapter content

In order to face this game, we will first tell you what you will find in Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1 .

  1. Moving Pictures Walkthrough.
  2. Picking Up the Pieces.
  3. Hello Bendy.

Strange images

On your first trip to the universe of Bendy and the Ink Machine you will come across a series of strange moving images. Don’t panic, they are just the introduction to the game but nothing will happen to you.

Once they stop appearing, your character will comment on something. You have to be very attentive to that moment and what it says as it is important. After this happens, you will have control of it. So, at the end of the hall you will see a flash of light coming from inside a room. The only problem is that the door is closed.

Just like thrillers, trying to open this door is a bad idea. You won’t be able to do it anyway so just go your way with the intrigue behind it.

The start

If you are intrigued by knowing the origin of that mysterious light, do not worry as many more surprises await you later. You will find one of them as quickly as at the next door. Upon reaching it, you will find a curious ink machine being driven by a strange figure.
In the middle of your nerves, we recommend that you go in and shoot him. This is going to allow you to open a dialogue, short yes, but it gives life to the story. Right at this moment, in the middle of your guilt for not knowing why you shot or what is happening, you will have to go to the break room.
She is very easy to recognize, she is the only one with 6 pillars. Once you find it, your character will say a few lines and then you can handle it again. The surprise will be that you will have your first mission.

The search for the pieces

Actually, this mission is the basis for the entire chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine . She consists of gathering 6 materials scattered throughout the study. They are quite common objects that you can find in every corner. So you have to be very careful what you grab.

In this sense, the 6 pieces that you have to look for are the following:

  • A wrench.
  • A tooth.
  • A disk.
  • A bottle of ink.
  • A plush Bendy.
  • A book .

Where can I find them?

As we have been talking, these pieces can be found in a wide variety of places. However, after approximately 5 updates, their locations have changed. So these are not necessarily the places where you will find them. However, they should not be too far from them.

  • The wrench:
    You will find it inside the guts of Boris .
  • The tooth:
    It is inside the chest with the dry cells . Right in the machine room , in the chest that contained one of the dry cells .
  • The disk:
    Obviously it has to do with a song. So you have to go to the little music room. You will find this album under the desktop.
  • The ink bottle:
    Go to the drawing area. Here you have to see under the table with the bendy changing, with the light on. There is the ink bottle with which it was drawn.
  • Plush or stuffing:
    You have to go to the projector room. Check all the chairs and you will find, in one of them, the plush.
  • The book:
    Lastly, although it may be the first one you find. The book is right in the break room , on the table with projector reels and books.

Encounter with an ink demon

Once you are done finding all the pieces. You have to quickly go to the projector room and reactivate the ink flow . It sounds easy and this part really is very easy.

The only details you’ll find along the way as walking down the hall to the projector room, a reminder of Bendy will suddenly fly out of one of the corners. It will be strange but don’t be afraid, at least; not yet. Just keep walking until you reach the room.

Once you’re inside it, the projector will turn on by itself and show you Bendy dancing with background music. Don’t be scared, even if it’s a strange enough moment. Remember that your mission is to activate the ink flow .

When you do, you will need to return to the Break Room . Not to reflect on what was lived but to turn on the ink machine . We recommend you return to the screening room and check your progress. It is the only way to continue with the chapter .

As soon as you get to it, you will notice that the machine was forced. Here is a good time to actually feel fear. Even more so when you start to see how the ink begins to come out all over the place and the doors give the impression of having changed places. We can only recommend one thing. And as logical as it sounds, you will have to run to keep your character alive.

Run as if your life depended on it because in fact, it will be. But, when you get to the exit and think you are free and out of danger, the floor collapses under your feet and you fall into a lower section of the building .

When you wake up, you will see some stairs that you will have to go down to find with the wooden planks. In it you will get yourself an ax and the words “THE CREATOR LIED US TO US” ink stained. Take the ax and destroy everything in your path to make your way until you find a door. No, you’re not safe yet.

When you open it you will find the remains of a satanic ritual. Walk to the circle and this will allow you to enter the past where you will see 3 flashbacks: the ink machine, a wheelchair and Bendy on your desk . When you finish seeing all these memories, you will pass out.

Although you passed out, you have survived Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1. Without a doubt a unique experience of the Gamer universe that you have to live.

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