Warframe: How to Farm – Complete Guide

If you are looking for a game that offers you first and third person shooter, duels, true stellar challenges and constant innovation. Warframe is the title you should consider. Therefore, in HDGamers we will teach you how to Farm in Warframe to reach the maximum level Tenno.

What do I need?

Consider that there are many ways to Farm in Warframe , but we will tell you how to carry out the most efficient of all.

However, keep in mind that to carry it out you will need the following character settings:

  • Warframe Equinox.
  • Melee Build.
  • Focus Lens.

Warframe Equinox

The Equinox setup is simple. You only need a sleep mode build for the 2 skills you’ll need.

In this sense, the attributes you need the most are scope and duration . However, the construction can be flexible.

But you have to consider that a lower range of this setting requires more use of the skill and therefore more energy, and it will also make the run take a little longer.

But, in case you need to keep some energy, we recommend you use the Energy Overflow from Zenurik. This mod keeps well supplied with 130% efficiency (maximum 5 energy / s), but if you are new to focus on agriculture or just don’t like / use zenurik.

In general, the maximum range of 250 is ideal, but if the mod gap is an issue, just drop the cunning dexterity in favor of greater efficiency or duration, not a bad choice , the construction that we recommend from HDGamers is:

Equinox melee

Your melee requirements are more flexible than Equinox construction. The only real requirement is that the melee weapon must be able to fire 1 level 36 barrage in a finisher. Most of all because that is the level of the strongest enemy you will find in Adaro.

After the basic requirement, the best way to Farm in Warframe is to have a weapon that shoots an enemy without a finisher.

However, when an enemy is asleep by Equinox, it is vulnerable to finalists , so it must be far enough away that an finalizer.

For this, any range weapon will serve you. But we recommend horn weapons and whips, as they have the highest innate rank. This makes it easier to kill without accidentally entering the completion range. And thus you will be able to kill more enemies at the same time and, therefore, faster games.

Focus Lens

Another important point is that when you kill enemies with a weapon, 50% of the experience goes to the used weapon and 50% to the warframe. Therefore, to get the most out of your careers, the idea of using a lens on both is the best action plan.

There’s nothing to say about that, just put whatever force lens you want / can for this: Regular Major Eidolon.

Affinity to focus: 1.25%, 1.75%, 2.25%.

Once you have these settings, you can perform the Focus Farming method.

Focus Farming

This method of agriculture approach ( focus farming ). It targets the areas of Adaro, Sedna and an extermination mission.

This is where the Equinox sleep ability is quite useful.

The method is to keep enemies alert, while killing them to obtain and maintain the stealth multiplier, as enemies who fall asleep due to the Equinox ability.

Most of all since its ability makes the guards not alert when a Tenno is in front of them or a nearby enemy dies.

For focus farming, it is vital to keep it running throughout the mission. With this you can keep the guards inactive and, with the selection of correct weapons for Equinox, you can significantly multiply your profits.

Consequently, you can user any character to Farm in Warframe . But Equinox offers you a unique variable to improve farming. Now you have all the tools to harvest and improve your equipment and your Warframe experience.



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