Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 5 – Complete Guide

A great story is not always accompanied by a few installments of it. Even more when it comes to the horror and mystery genre such as Bendy and the Ink Machine , a game that will keep you more thA great story is not always accompanied by a few installments of it. Even more when it comes to the horror and mystery genre such as Bendy and the Ink Machine a game that will keep you more than immersed in the console with Chapter 5. Therefore, HDGamers will teach you the most important aspects you must know to survive this new installment.

The beginning of the chapter

Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine begins when Henry wakes up in the safe house of Allison Angel and Tom. He does it because he hears Allison singing, not realizing that he is painting ink messages on the wall.

After seeing this strange behavior, Henry starts talking to her. Allison tells him that she doesn’t remember her name but says that people call her Alice. While others only see her as if she were an Angel. What makes her feel very confused with her identity, because all she knows is that she is not.

However, all of that seems to be just a strange dream of Henry. Since the moment she wakes up, she sees Allison Angel asking Tom to keep an eye on Henry while she is gone. It is somewhat confusing, but later you will understand.

Rising from this bewildering dream, Henry sees that Ax accompanies him. Restless, he approaches him and sits on a chair as he begins to hit his arm with Ax , threatening him.

At this point, what we might call the first scene of this chapter ends.

Second scene

With a tense atmosphere after the challenge launched by Henry to his unusual companion Ax, we proceed to the second scene of chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine .

In it we will meet again with Allison, who gives Henry a bowl of Bacon Soup. Although she initially refuses to receive it, Allison explains that this will be the only food she will find. After all, he is a kind of Angel and he sees that he is somewhat hungry.

At that moment, Tom comes in, breaking the bowl and showing how upset he is, we don’t know the reason for that feeling. The only certainty is that he is upset with Henry .

Despite the bitter moment, it was only a scare since when he finished staring at Henry , Tom walked away slowly without saying a single word.

Third scene

At the start of this scene from chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine , we came across something that seemed inevitable. And we’re not talking about Thanos’ purpose in Marvel’s MUC.

We are referring to a small meeting between Allison and Tom that at the beginning of this scene, they seem to be arguing with each other. In the end, we will not know the reason or if they were really experiencing a conflict.

After that we will find a rather confusing detail. Here we will see them together at a table where Allison repairs her mechanical arm. Now you run into a breaking point as she claims it’s only a matter of time before “ Bendy ” finds them.

We recommend that you start feeling something similar to fear or better yet, prepare to go through an uncertain stretch full of surprises and mystery. Even more so when you see Tom and Allison arguing about The Ink Demon outside their base.

Then , Allison declared that they cannot leave Henry there. After all, he ends up being the protagonist and it wouldn’t make much sense to leave him in the middle of the story.

This is why he (Tom) tries to break the wooden boards behind which Henry is trapped, but without success. So he decides to be honest and places a soft hand on Allison’s shoulder, assuring him that he did everything he could.

Remember how Alison gave Henry a little device in the first scene?

Here you will see its usefulness since it will allow you to discover a secret room in the prison. In it he manages to find a pulp that he uses to break the dishes at the door.

It is there when Henry manages to escape from his prison. But let’s not claim victory yet, since while going through a series of tunnels, he will be attacked by multiple search engines. So be careful as you still can’t quite escape.

After surviving a fierce battle in the tunnels and being free. Henry witnesses the departure of Allison and Tom in a barge across the river Ink . Baffled by the future, he decides to continue to the suite and board the second barge ending this scene.

Fourth scene

IsScene from Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine begins with Henry and his first encounter with the ink demon Bendy, although he only manages to see his giant hand chasing him in the sea.

An exciting moment but yes, it manages to survive. As time passes, Henry arrives at the Village of the Lost , where he meets Sammy Lawrence. Do not trust this beautiful local, she will attack you and quite aggressively.

The only way to defeat her is to remove her mask. But once you manage to do that, you will be knocked down and on the verge of losing your life.

Fortunately, Tom sneaks up behind Sammy and sticks his ax in his head, killing him forever and saving your life. It’s weird since Tom is supposed to be upset with Henry , but you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re still alive for him.

At the end of the day, Henry, Tom and Allison team up to defeat a horde of Seekers and the Lost. After this intense battle, Allison cuts the captain’s leg, ending the bloody fight, which will allow them to continue on their journey to the fifth scene.

Fifth scene

It won’t take long for them to come across an unstable-looking set of tables. Henry, with his adventurous spirit, risks passing over them to cross them, but everything goes wrong because they are much more fragile than he expected and ends up falling.

After a long fall, it lands in the administration area . Once here, your next goal is to get three pipes from the office maze and the hallways.

But be careful, from the shadows of those mazes a mysterious figure begins to be perceived. It is the Gang Butcher that stalks Henry without him being aware of it.

He’s not going to do anything to him, he just stalks him while Henry continues to collect the ink to take to the manufacturer. Who needs it to make three pieces of tubing that Henry needs to fix the ink circulation.

When he reaches these goals, Henry continues on his way and proceeds to the Vault ending the fifth scene of chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine .

Sixth scene

At the start of the sixth and last scene of chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine , you will find yourself in the Vault.

At this point, Allison and Tom arrive after having descended the abyss using the Allison’s trust rope .

The three adventurers go to the Machine of ink through a path that closely resembles the location of Chapter 1 (with the old Henry’s desk </ em>).

It is right here where we find a highlight of the game. It is precisely here where our heroes meet the Ink Demon who walks slowly down a corridor with a wall made of glass. It is only a visual encounter, nothing will happen so they continue walking.

After living this intense experience, Henry has to enter the Machine of ink alone due to the river of ink that surrounds the machine.

Once inside the machine , Henry finds an Throne made in ink where there is a record of Joey Drew audio .

At the end of this, Henry takes a reel called The End ” and is attacked by “ Bendy ” who he transforms into a Beast version of himself that attacks Henry .

Run, just run from Bendy and run as far as you can from the ink machine. Only then will you have the opportunity to turn on the switches and break the tubes where the ink passes and save your life and the lives of others.

Although it sounds crazy, Henry has to return to the Ink Throne. He has to place the reel in a projection that causes all screens to pass the last missing episode of the Bendy Show . More than madness, it is a trap to capture the beast and try to end it.

Something that will pay off as The Beast Bendy is caught by the reel. Being killed by a strange and strong light coming from the projector.

Putting an end to the threat that Bendy represents and her thirst for revenge.

After finishing this intense journey, Henry wakes up in Joey Drew’s house. Where he talks to his old friend and tells him that he has a perfect family but is concerned that he has an empire in ruins.

He claims that Henry was able to see how the study ended after all those years. With some nostalgia or pain for everything he lived through. Then Henry opens a door, where he enters the student again, returning to Chapter 1 and putting an end point to chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine .

 Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5

Achievements of Chapter 5

Another aspect that you should know about Bendy and the Ink Machine in its chapter 5 , is that while you play it and enjoy, or suffer, its history; you will get some achievements.

Here we present the following titles or achievements that you will find.

  • Shadows and suffering : discover what is living underneath .
    • Complete the fight with Allison and Tom .
  • Pipelines and problems: find a new path .
    • Complete the pipe puzzle in the Movie Vault.
  • To hell and back: complete the main story .
    • Complete the main story.

Titles of Chapter 5

Also, in this chapter you will find another class of titles. You will get these as you win some battles or survive some seasons. Here we will tell you a little more about it.

Goldbricking – Let the others do the work.

  • When Allison and Tom are fighting the seekers and the lost , just don’t do anything.
  • Allison and Tom will remember.

Stand proud – Discover where you belong .

  • After completing chapter 5 and unlocking the files, go to the Henry Stein pedestal and stay there for a couple of seconds.

A sweet discovery: say hello to an old friend.

  • After completing the pipes puzzle, open the door of the Vault but don’t enter.
  • Find the Boris poster at the Butcher Gang location near Joey’s room and pass it over.
  • Meet the Meatly.

Valuable Employee – Take a Longer Walk.

  • To earn this achievement, you must complete the pipe puzzle without being seen by any Butcher monster .
  • Remember that they don’t react to sound, so you can hide inside the Little Miraculous Station .
  • Be careful with the windows or small rooms, they can see it through them.
  • Also, they don’t move like the Projectionist , if you take the ink, they won’t run to where you are.
  • Try taking the path to the left three times, as you can see in the video. (This is because the achievement says “walk more”, and that is the way to the left).
  • You will have to try several times, they say that some technical problems prevent you from achieving the achievement.

Aggression – Bathing in violence.

  • Do not die for Sammy Lawrence or for any of the seekers and the lost .

With everything we discussed in this guide in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine , you have everything you need to avoid suffering in the mystery and the surprise of this incredible game.

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