Life is Feudal: Forest Village – Code List

One of the big dreams for all fans of role-playing games is to live in that middle age. Living like a magician, or a knight has always been one of the most popular topics in video games. But, it is also entertaining to play to create villages at this time.

Just as Life is Feudal Forest Village brings us. A strategy game that will take us on a journey to recreate this life. And at HDGamers we bring you the best list of Life is Feudal Codes: Forest Village to enhance your medieval experience.

What is Life is Feudal Forest Village?

In short, Life is Feudal Forest Village is a city builder, with survival aspects in a harsh, realistic medieval world.

With it, you can be a feudal lord and shape your settlement. You can also build and expand your village.

However, in order to maintain the productivity of your villagers. You will have to build buildings and areas that allow them to grow various foods to prevent them from avitaminosis and hunger .

An important aspect of all strategy game , is that it will demand the user a management capacity necessary for the villagers at his disposal to survive.

In this sense, you must have them for the micro-management of the village resources or simply to walk around the forest village .

Life is Feudal Codes, Villa del Bosque

How do I enable the codes?

Continuing with this list of Life is Feudal: Forest Village codes, here is how to use the codes in-game.

To enter the codes, you have to know that Life is Feudal has an in-game console for cheats and test mods.

To enable this console, you just have to run the game with the “-console” key and with this the console function will be enabled.

Then press the tilde (~) key (located below the Escape (ESC) key) during the game.

Now you can type any expression or function call in the open window and press Enter.

The lua script will run normally, and the result (or error) will be printed in the game’s event log window.

While mods are currently under development, with this code guide for Life is Feudal: Forest Village you have what it takes to use them and enhance your experience managing a medieval village.

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