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Kurtzpel Affinity: Complete Guide


In any role-playing game, interaction with characters not controlled by players or, commonly known, NPCs; it is vital to the course of history. In this sense, Kurtzpel Affinity will not escape from it and for this reason we bring you the best Kurtzpel Affinity Guide .

What do I need to know?

First of all, you should know that this guide was written with the intention of helping them determine what options to choose in their next encounters with the NPC with whom they wish to increase their affinity.

On the other hand, the affinity, or affection of a hero NPC towards your hunter, is basically a measure of how much your NPC likes your character.

So it can be understood that affinity is really necessary for the development of the game. And you generate it in two fairly simple ways.

  • Just by clicking random keywords
  • Click on specific keywords, for the sections currently listed as “Unknown”

Where can I see the affinity information?

In this guide , we will use Marian Vendor as an example. It turns out to be a fairly popular NPC among users.

So, to find affinity information, Just open the game menu, click “ Player Info “, then “ Affinity Info “. Which will display the following window:

Kurtzpel Affinity Guide

Secret tip

Continuing with this project titled Kurtzpel Affinity Guide. We invite you to pay close attention to the following images.

Guide Kurtzpel Affinity

Kurtzpel Affinity Guide

Kurtzpel Affinity Guide

Kurtzpel Affinity Guide

Kurtzpel Affinity Guide

What did it have to do with it?

What we show you here is just the order of the keywords to complete the missions and increase your affinity.

Although in reality, they are going to be constantly changing and, very surely, you are not going to find the same ones that we present to you. What is really worth remembering is the order in which they will appear. That one is always going to be kept constant.

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