Borderlands 2 May Build

Borderlands 2: Maya Build


An aspect that always attracts attention in video games, especially in the longest, is the ability to combine them with mini games and thus achieve a more complete challenge. This is the case of Borderlands 2 Maya Build. And from here, in HDGamers , we will teach you how to achieve it successfully.

The power of the siren

This first step for Borderlands 2 Maya Build is basically supporting your teammates, passively healing them without having to shoot them.

To do this, you will have to kill many enemies around you and cause as much damage as yourself with SMG . However, there is a way that will allow you to access a lesser degree of difficulty in this part. Which is to follow the items in the following table.

Table of Contents:

  1. Purple Witch Mayan Skill Tree.
  2. Cat \ Legendary Cat Class Modes.
  3. Any slag transfusion grenade .
  4. Any good SMG you like or prefer.
  5. Any damage artifact from slag .

The skills

At this point, your main goal is to reach the last skill in Harmony as soon as possible. You will also have movement and cataclysm as a priority. Only that the movement ability will give you better support for your companions while the red will take care of you more. However, you will be good at both when you reach level 72 anyway.

Borderlands 2 May Build

Practical advice and objectives

Your main goal is to hit as many enemies as possible. Sometimes you will have to do it with your melee ability and other times with grenades. It takes some practice to do it efficiently. So we recommend you have patience and practice whenever you can, only then will you get the skill sooner or later and master it.

After understanding and executing your first objective. You pass to your secondary objective which consists of phase lock and crowd control.

Especially works well if you combine weapons with

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