Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to unlock Master Classes

The performance of your characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses depends on the skills you learn and the time you invest in improving those benefits to a higher degree. This leads us to unlocking the highly dark Master Class which has not been explicitly described in the game. We do our best to highlight the steps succinctly, by unlocking the Master Class through the certification exams in Fire Emblem: Three Houses .

Unlock Master Classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Master Class is the highest evolution level for your units as they learn new skills and increase their stats to the maximum.

To unlock this class, first make sure your individual units are ranked Level 30 or higher. Now, increase your Teacher Level to Grade C or higher, which you can do by completing the tasks related to the Monastery.

This will unlock the Master Certification and ask you to purchase a Master Seal for 3,000 gold from Anna’s shop.

By the way, we show you where all the sacred weapons and hero relics location.

After acquiring the Master Seal, you can prepare your character for the Certification Exam every time you have a day off. Select this option on the “Certifications” tab in the game menu.

Keep in mind that you can only take one exam per week, so do your best if you want to save time.

Finally, as a prerequisite, there is a minimum requirement of armor, weapon, or any stat attribute for a class to upgrade to its master variant. These requirements are highlighted below for each class:

Falcon Knight

  • Sword: Rank-C
  • Lance: Rank-A
  • Flying: Rank-B +

Wyvern Lord

  • Lance: Rank-C
  • Ax: Rank-A
  • Flying: Rank-A

Mortal Savant

  • Sword: Rank-A
  • Reason: Rank-B +

Great Knight

  • Ax: Rank-B +
  • Heavy Armor: Rank-A
  • Riding: Rank-B +

Bow Knight

  • Lance: Rank-C
  • Bow: Rank-A
  • Riding: Rank-A

Dark Knight

  • Lance: Rank-C
  • Reason: Rank-B +
  • Riding: Rank-A

Holy Knight

  • Lance: Rank-C
  • Faith: Rank-B +
  • Riding: Rank-A


  • Reason: Rank-A
  • Faith: Rank-A

These are all the prerequisites that you must complete to unlock Master classes in Fire Emblem for different in the game. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!



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