How To Disenchant Minecraft

Haunted items in Minecraft are often coveted items. They offer various bonuses and can completely change the way you approach problems. However, you can’t always choose which enchantments an item has equipped. This is where disenchantment comes in handy. When an item is disenchanted, all special properties (except curses) are removed and an amount of experience is awarded based on the number of enchantments and levels present. This is how you can disenchant items yourself and get rid of the clutter in your inventory forever.

The only way to disenchant an item is to use a grindstone. These blocks can be found natively in villages, it’s a working block for villager blacksmiths, or you can craft one out of two sticks, a stone slab, and two planks of wood of any kind. For PC players, the crafting recipe is done by placing sticks in the top left and top right slots, the stone slab in the top center, and the boards in the center left and center right squares.

How to fix in Minecraft?

Different methods can be implemented when repairing tools in Minecraft. The methods have different levels of difficulty, with the most difficult method having the most benefit. It would tell you how to make repairs using the grinding wheel method.

This method requires the use of a homemade grinding wheel or you can get one in a nearby town. You can craft a grinding wheel in minecraft using a common stone (a cobblestone can be used to craft it by placing it in a furnace for a while). The next step is to use a 3 by 3 crafting grid. Place two sticks and the stone in the first row and two planks of wood in the second row.

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft to disenchant?

You can make a grinding wheel in Minecraft by placing a rock and a forest in the slots on the workbench. Alternatively, you can also get a grinding wheel from a blacksmith. The grinding wheel is used for both mending and disenchanting. It will ask you if you want to repair or disenchant. All you have to do is place the enchanted item on top of the table and it will be disenchanted.

Minecraft Molars Recipe

  • 2 sticks
  • 1 stone slab
  • 2 boards of any kind of wood

On a workbench, place the above items according to this setup:

The Anvil

The other enchanting method available to players is the ‘anvil’. The anvil can be used to combine 2 identical enchanted pieces of equipment into one of those pieces of equipment with all enchantments on both. For example, let’s say you have 2 enchanted bows, 1 has Unbreaking II and Punch II, while the other has Flame I and Unbreaking II. If we combine them on the anvil we will get 1 bow with Flame I, Punch II and Unbreaking III. Unique enchantments from both bows are carried over to the new bow and similar enchantments combined to provide a higher level version of that enchantment. It’s important to note that for similar enchantments to combine, they need to be on the same level and not on the ceiling of that particular enchantment. In other words, if it had been Unbreaking I and Unbreaking II, the new arc would have simply kept the better version of the two, in this case Unbreaking II. Likewise, if both bows already had Unbreaking III (the maximum level of the Unbreaking enchantment), the resulting bow would have had Unbreaking III as well.

If you don’t have two pieces of the same equipment that you want to combine, you can also apply new enchantments to your equipment (unenchanted and already enchanted) with enchanted books.



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