What Does Bad Omen Do In Minecraft

Bad Omen is a status effect that was added to Minecraft in the 1.14 update. It’s one of the more complicated status effects, so many players have a hard time figuring out what exactly it does. In the short guide below, we have provided a simple explanation of what it does and how to use it to your advantage.

The official Minecraft wiki provides the simplest explanation: “a status effect that causes a raid to spawn when an affected player enters a village.” In this circumstance, a raid is an event that occurs in a town that includes waves of monsters of increasing difficulty. The word village only applies to villager-occupied villages, not abandoned or zombie villages.

How can you have a bad omen?

Usually a negative status effect is received when encountering a monster with special abilities. A bad omen comes to you after killing an Illager raid captain. These raid captains can be easily seen as they are carrying a flag with Illager’s face on it.

These raid captains can be found when a player encounters a raider outpost or raider group. If a player does not want to be part of a raid, they should avoid entering a village until the bad omen effect is in place

Minecraft Bad Omen

Minecraft Bad Omen (image via from .Spiel Times)

This status effect appears on players when they kill a Pillager Raid Captain or better known as Illager Captains.

What Bad Omen Does

Bad Omen makes the player a raid target for raiders every time they enter a village.

So when the negative buff is active within a town, multiple raiders start attacking in waves, with the last round containing a large number of plagues.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen

This effect can be obtained by killing an Illager Patrol, Illager Outpost or Illager Raid Captain. This status effect will wear off on its own after one hour and forty minutes. If you don’t want to wait that long, there is a way to get rid of this effect.

Players can get rid of the Bad Omen status effect by drinking milk, which you can get by milking a cow. Just interact with a cow with a bucket in hand, you will see her filling up with milk to drink. After drinking, you can start visiting the villages again.

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