How to get a flying car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

We explain when and how you can get the HoverCar in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, a very cool floating vehicle with which to participate in the races.

The game world is huge, and in addition to flying, you can move faster through the areas through other means. From the beginning the transports are somewhat restricted, only the flying cloud of Goku is available, and you have to advance a little to be able to unlock them.

HoverCar in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – How do you get it?

To get the car, you have to advance until you reach the Android Saga. After a few missions you will be in charge of talking with Bulma to make a car for you. At that time you will unlock the game’s R&D or R&D system, which will allow you to manufacture, customize and improve robots and vehicles.

Well, once you have unlocked the R&D, you just have to go talk to Bulma and he will make the vehicle you need if you have the necessary materials. So do not delay and ask him to manufacture the floating car to participate in the races of the game.

Car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Materials

The materials are not that they are especially complicated to get, but you probably don’t have them. So in case you want to get ahead, you will need:

  • 1 Part or front piece
  • 1 part or control piece
  • 9,000 zeni
  • 1 part or rear piece
  • 1 part or piece jet

How to manufacture the Parts?

Now, all parts or pieces can also be manufactured and have their own recipe or formula:

  • Front part or piece: 2,250 Zeni + 1 iron + 2 heavy duty bolt S + 2 heavy duty bolt L
  • Control part or piece: 2,250 Zeni + 1 iron + 2 gear bearing S + 2 gear bearing L
  • Part rear part: 2,250 Zeni + 1 iron + 2 S axis + 2 M axis
  • Jet part or piece: 2,250 Zeni + 1 iron + 2 steel nut S + 2 steel nut L

Finally, and if you have any doubts, we leave you a video in which you can see how the floating car, the HoverCar, is manufactured.

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