How to get pigstep in Minecraft

In this guide you will learn how to find the Pigstep music disc in Minecraft. Read the guide and carefully follow all the instructions to find and play it.

You can get music discs when a skeleton shoots and kills a creeper.

Can you find Pigstep in the basic edition?

To find “Pigstep”, you’ll need to be very lucky to find it in a fortress chest. Strongholds are not only relatively rare, but in Bedrock Edition, there is only a 3% chance that you will find them in any Stronghold chest. … Like other music records, finding “Pigstep” is a test of patience.

Is Pigstep copyrighted?

Music Discs in Minecraft

As of the 1.16 Nether update in Minecraft, there are a total of 13 music discs in the Java and Bedrock editions of the game. All of these music discs can be played using a jukebox.

The music they play ranges from upbeat and comforting to mysterious and threatening.

How to get the Music To My Ears (Bedrock Edition) achievement

You can also get the Music To My Ears Achievement trophy in Minecraft and all you have to do is play a music disc on a record machine. First you will need to create a Jukebox. To craft a jukebox, take 8 wooden planks of any kind and prepare the recipe to craft a chest. In the center of the recipe, place a diamond. This is how you can get a Jukebox in Minecraft.

After that all you have to do is right click on the Jukebox if on PC you can also press L2/ LT/ ZL depending on your console you have the music disc equipped and it will start playing music. To stop the music, right-click on the jukebox and press L2/ LT/ ZL on your console. This will allow you to get the Music to My Ears achievement.

What are the chances of getting Pigstep?

The chance of finding a Pigstep music disc in one of these chests is only 5.6%, which means that players will have to search an average of 17-18 chests to get it. Players will most likely not find a Pigstep Music Disc in the first Remnant Stronghold they search, so they will have to keep exploring the Nether to find more.

Music discs turn out to be the “fruit” of this plant, and when a Creeper is killed by a skeleton’s arrow, it allows the music disc to instantly fertilize and fully mature from the tracks of the skeleton touching the arrow, which killed the vine.

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