Vault of the Incarnates Boss Strategy Guide

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Dragonflight, is out now, and it’s time to talk about the first raid dungeon featured in this expansion. The Vault of the Incarnation is a huge ancient prison created by the mighty Titans thousands of years ago after a catastrophic war between the newborn Dragon Aspects and the forces of the Titans, on the one hand, and the primitive proto-dragons led by Galakrond.

This vault contains some of the most powerful elemental entities that, if released, could easily destroy Azeroth as we know it. Unfortunately, the primal zealots and Raszaget, the Storm Eater, freed from her tutelage in the Forbidden Reach, breached the walls of the place, threatening to release all the incredibly dangerous prisoners languishing within.

So Alexstrassa and the other leaders of Dragonflight ask the Heroes of Azeroth to help contain the ultimate evil of the Vault of the Incarnate. Of course, this will not be an easy fight, because the imprisoned entities are the owners of great power and uncompromising hatred for everything created by the titans: from the dragons themselves to the smallest living creatures.

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We have created this guide that contains all the necessary instructions for your successful completion of the Vault of Incarnates Carry.

Dragonflight Incarnate Vault Boss Pass

After breaking some eggs, you will receive 3 Greatstaff Shards from Brood Keeper Diurna. After defeating her three times and completing the quest, you can skip her encounter after defeating Terros in subsequent raids. This quest and pass are dependent on the difficulty level they were purchased on, i.e. the quest must be completed on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty to receive a pass for each difficulty.

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Loot Levels

There are three levels of elements in the repository of the incarnated. The base item level drops from the first 4 bosses, the winged bosses drop slightly higher-level items, and the last two bosses drop even items.

Dragonflight launch levels

Below are the main sources of gear when starting Dragonflight and their item levels.

  • Normal Dungeons – 346
  • Heroic Dungeons – 359
  • Mythic Dungeons – 372
  • Manufactured equipment – 306-382+
  • World quests – 340-382

Dragonflight Dungeons

They will be a great source of gear when launching Dragonflight. This raid has 8 new dungeons at launch that can be completed weekly on Mythic and daily on Heroic. While only 4 Dragonflight dungeons will be available for Mythic+ with the launch of Season 1, all 8 dungeons will be available in Normal Mythic difficulty and below.

Normal Dungeons

Regular dungeons reward a maximum of level 346 gear at level 70.

Regular dungeons are queued up with the Dungeon Finder and available throughout the leveling process. Gear from normal dungeons scales directly to your level and will be capped at item level 346 at level 70. Normal dungeons have no lock and can be replayed.

Heroic Dungeons

Such dungeons reward item level 359 equipment.

Heroic Dungeons are only available at level 70 and can be queued with the Dungeon Finder. They no longer have a daily lockout if you are queuing with the Dungeon Finder.

Mythical Dungeons

They reward a level 372 piece of equipment.

Mythic Dungeons are also only available at level 70 and cannot be queued. They need a group of 5 ready and they have to enter the dungeon in its place in the world. They have a weekly lockout, which means that you can only receive rewards from dungeons once a week. Similar to Heroic and Normal, each boss has a chance to reward loot in a Mythic dungeon, unlike Mythic+ which only has a chance to reward loot at the end of the dungeon.

Boss strategies

As always, the further you go into the dungeon, the more difficult it is. The last three bosses are going to be hell, especially Heroic and Mythic. Below you will find several useful tips for each of the 8 bosses in the Embodied Raid Vault.

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The first boss of the Vault of the Incarnation is a huge fiery creature that can unleash raging flames on enemies. Be prepared to face lots of magma and fire (don’t stand in it) while fighting this powerful creature. The strategies for Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty levels will always differ significantly. In general, this meeting is relatively easy to fight. The Eranog fight is a single-phase fight with several highly adaptable mechanics. All you have to do is deal enough damage, avoid fire, and quickly destroy fire elements.

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A powerful element of the Earth with a huge stone-crystalline body. This enemy is more than capable of unleashing the Earth’s power on all brave enough to challenge their ancient might. This encounter is also mostly easy, but the damage requirements will matter more than when facing Eranog. The so-called soft rage in this encounter will depend on how much space in the arena is filled with Awakened Earth, and you will not be able to stop them from appearing, so the faster you destroy the boss, the better. One thing you have to remember when fighting Terros is that the boss must be defeated before Resonant Aftermath covers too much of the arena, preventing players from moving and angering the boss.

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Primalist Council

As the name implies, they are the strongest and wisest of primitive people. These enemies can unleash powerful primal magic on their enemies, so players should prepare for some serious challenges, especially on Heroic and Mythic difficulty. In this raid, you will face four powerful enemies, each with unique abilities. In this fight, you need to carefully consider which boss should die first and balance between different types of damage. Opalfang and Embar Firepath are melee bosses that require changing tanks, while the other two, Kadros Frostgrasp and Datea Stormcaller, are cutscenes that should be interrupted whenever possible.

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Sennart, Cold Breath

This is a vicious creation of Kurog Grimtotem. This huge spider was filled with the energy of cold and constantly watched over thousands of his children, preparing them to break out of captivity and conquer Azeroth with blood and cold. Unlike the previous bosses, this encounter will take place in several different arenas. Sennart will climb the spiral staircase as the fight progresses. On each platform on the stairs, Sennart will summon arachnids to help her survive the attack. To finish her off, you will have to break through to the last platform.

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Datea, Ascended

After her defeat, she, distraught with pain and embarrassment, called on Razaget to give her even more power. Having received part of the power of the Incarnate, Datea now has the power of the wind itself and is ready to tear apart the enemies she hates. Your second encounter with her will be a one-phase fight on a small platform where the boss constantly tries to push you away from her. Datea will also summon supplements to help her in combat. Be careful when killing flying infusers because their recoil can easily knock you or your ally out of the arena.

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Kurog Grimtotem

This powerful shaman is a student of Magatha Grimtotem herself. He is an expert in creating terrible elemental creatures and is ready to unleash his fury on everything in Azeroth. This three-stage encounter will occur in a circular arena with four elemental altars.

Brood Keeper Diurna

As the name suggests, his job at the Incarnate vault is to keep an eye on the Primalist Nursery. She will do her best to protect her offspring, so get ready for a serious fight. It’s a two-stage encounter with lots of extras to help the boss take down the intruders. There will be many eggs in the arena that you have to destroy. However, often Diurna will prevent you from touching her precious eggs, but you can force her to use her greatstaff to destroy the eggs. You will need to split your raid into two groups, one dealing with the boss and the other with eggs.

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This is the first Dragonflight raid where players will take on Raszaget, the expansion’s first antagonist. As the final boss of the Vault of Incarnation, Rashaget Storm Eater will be the most difficult fight. Raszaget is a powerful proto-drake, the leader of his species, who lost in a disastrous war against the Titans and Dragon Aspects many thousands of years ago. She hates the Aspects of the Dragon, thinking that they enslaved her kind and corrupted her world, and will do everything so that Azeroth is “freed” from the influence of the Titans. The vault that stores Incarnations will have an integrity level that, if it runs out, will most likely destroy the raid. Raszaget will also constantly call upon Primal Powers to aid her in combat.

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That’s all we can tell you about the Dragonflight raid. We hope you found this guide helpful and successfully passed all the tests. Nice and addictive game for you.



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