How to get silk touch in Minecraft

  • What is Silk Touch in Minecraft?
  • How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft

Silk Touch is a tool enchantment that causes certain blocks to drop instead of their normal items when mined. This means that blocks mined by Silk Touch will not be broken.

Silk Touch enchantment uses in Minecraft

Silk touch is hands down the best Minecraft enchantment for survival because it allows you to get the blocks without breaking them unlike the non-enchanted tool or weapon.

It’s a good deal because you can get the glass, ice and many other valuable items without breaking them.

What is Silk Touch

Silk Touch is an enchantment that can be placed on most mining tools and is used to prevent certain blocks from turning into blobs when destroyed. Instead, they will fall as themselves.

There are many blocks in Minecraft that, once destroyed, are not removed as is. Instead, they are destroyed and become something else.

What level do you have to be to get a Silk Touch?

You can use Silk Touch to extract glass, stones, crystals, ores and grass. You will need to level up this enchantment, otherwise it will be difficult for you to fully experience the benefits of this enchantment. Level 1 is the maximum power level for the Silk Touch enchantment. To enchant your items with a silk touch, you must enchant at least six items before you get that enchantment. This requirement is specific to this enchantment.

You can also get this enchantment for your tool with max experience points and enchantment level. The minimum level you need to have this enchantment for your tool is equal to 20-30 experience points in Minecraft.

Trade with villagers for enchanted silk books

Librarian Villagers have the opportunity to trade enchanted books. As with other haunted book appearances, it is possible for Silk Touch to appear in one. You generally can’t change a villager’s occupation type, although there is a trick to get around this.

If you break a villager’s building block, they will revert to a normal villager, as opposed to a villager with a profession like Librarian. However, you can trick them into taking over a job if you place another building block near them. Every time a villager gets a profession, he gets new trade options. This way, if you have a librarian villager who doesn’t sell a book enchanted with Silk Touch, you can fire them and then repeatedly rehire them until they do. How long it takes will be random, so be patient if you use this method to get Silk Touch. The building block for creating Librarian Villagers is a desk.



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