How to Improve your Rank in Valorant

Another act is just around the corner, and it only means one thing: time to grind once again for a chance to have a higher rank. Although Riot Games has yet to announce the upcoming changes to Episode 5 Act 3 of Valorant, you can already prepare how to improve your game and your rank.

Here are five tips on how to improve your rank in Valorant.

Proper Communication With Teammates

One of the pet peeves of many Valorant players is the lack of proper communication. In an attacking round, dead teammates usually give information about the location of the enemies or where on the map they were last seen. When defending a site, a fast rotation can help you from enemies who are rushing the site.

If you’re a duelist, you are required to enter the site with the support of your teammates by using flash or any of your utilities. If you’re using an agent with smokes, you might want to know which places to smoke so that your teammates will know which places on the site they will check.

Lastly, if you have a terrible aim, the very least that can help you win a round is when you know the location of the enemies.

Have a proper warmup routine

Going into competitive matches without a warmup routine is like a soldier going to a war without decent armor. Having a warmup routine and religiously following it before a game is crucial.

Valorant’s the range is excellent for polishing your aim before competitive games since you can practice shooting stationary and moving bots. Deathmatch mode also works if you play regularly and just want to double-check and warm up your crosshair.

In Valorant, having proper communications is good but having a perfect crosshair placement is one of the only few ways to kill enemies, aside from using your abilities.

Be Confident About Your Agent

If you think you are having a good day and your aim is superb, choose a self-sufficient agent that can survive and clutch a round. For example, if you know that your skills are better than the enemies, you might want to choose a duelist like Reyna and Jett in competitive games.

Although your aim is important, the abilities of agents can be a great help in fragging out and killing multiple opponents in one go. If you are not good with Reyna or Jett, you can also choose other agents like Neon and Chamber, two of the most self-sufficient agents in the game.

Find a duo in competitive lobby

Lastly, there is nothing better than having a friend and a duo when playing competitive games since, most likely, you already know the gameplay of each other. As mentioned earlier in this article, having proper communication is one of the keys to winning the game.

If you and your duo are using your preferred agents, most likely, you already got each other’s back. You already have a rhythm of how to attack or defend a site, and you already know where to throw your utilities.

Having a duo or a party within your MMR takes one thing off your mind, and you are extra confident to play the game. Most importantly, you have fun while improving your rank.

These simple tips should be successful if you want to improve your rank from the previous seasons. If you really want to improve your rank, you should first know your MMR torey properly adjust your gameplay. Always remember, play according to your rank.



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