How to make a End Portal in Minecraft

Today we’ll show you how to make an end portal in Minecraft quickly. The process is not complicated, once you have all the pieces you just have to make sure you build the patterns correctly.

The fastest way to travel to the realm of End biome is by building your own End Portal or End portal. To do this you will need to use 12 Blocks of End Portal and 12, Eyes of Ender. The theory is a little easier than practice.

How to build a End portal in Minecraft:

First you have to stay in one place and go placing the blocks in a circle around you. This is the only way to ensure that all of Ender’s Eyes end up looking to the right place. If you don’t place the blocks in the right direction you’ll never be able to activate the portal.

Build the box

The first step would be to place the first three blocks of your End Portal by looking in the same direction.

How to build a final portal

Now pivot to the right without moving from where you are to make the second side of the portal. Make sure that all the green lines of the blocks point to the inside of the block, as you see in the photo:

How to build a final portal

Then repeat the process a couple more times, always pivoting to the right until the entire portal frame is complete. Always remember to place the part that has the green lines looking inward.

How to build a final portal

How to build a final portal

The portal pattern should look just like the one in the photo above, if you find any difference don’t start with the next step.

Complete the Portal using Eyes of Ender

To finish the portal now tap add the 12 Ender Eyes you need to have available in your inventory.  Place the first 11, one by one in each block, making sure they match the center of the frame, just like the blocks. They have to be exactly the pattern of this image:

How to build a final portal

Keep the number 12 in your hand, jump out of the portal, and then place it on the remaining block.

If you place the last eye inside the box you will immediately travel to the End biome. You’ll first want to make sure you have everything in order first, because you’ll have to face the Ender Dragon.

Once you are out of the box and put the last eye in place, the portal will activate.  

Here’s how to see a finished and properly assembled portal:

Confirm us if the portal has worked for you, leave us a comment.  You already know how to build a End portal in Minecraft but… are you ready to face the dragon?

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