How to tame a Horse in Minecraft

So you are far from home in Minecraft, you are a seasoned and experienced explorer, any home you have built is miles away, that does not scare you but it would not hurt you to have a faithful horse next to you right? Today we will tell you one of the most important tricks for explorers: How to tame a horse in Minecraft.

While you can jump on the back of any wild horse you can find on the plains, there is nothing like having the company of a faithful equine friend for your adventures.

You will not be able to say that a horse is your companion until you manage to tame it and make it really yours. Also once you have a tamed horse you can access special actions that you cannot use with any wild animal in the game.

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Without further ado, we will tell you the step by step to have your own steed in Minecraft.

First step: Get a horse

Of course, the first thing you need is to get a wild horse but where do you get horses in Minecraft?

How to get a horse in minecraft

Finding horse herds in Minecraft is the traditional way to tame one. Wild horses are normally found in groups of two to six animals, you can find them on plains and plains. Basically on any type of flat terrain that has little presence of trees.

Specimens within a herd are usually similar in pattern, color, and staining. So if you are looking for a specific “model” of horse, you will have to dedicate yourself to exploring a little until you get the right one.

All the horses in Minecraft are equal in their abilities, the only thing that changes is their appearance, you can get white, brown, black or gray, brown and blond equines. In turn, each coat color can be accompanied by different spots.

If you don’t want to opt for the traditional way, but rather be a little bit smarter, you can steal a horse from some stable so you don’t have to look for it in its natural state. Either way you will have to tame it.

Second step: Taming the horse

The first thing we recommend is to get some sugar or apples. It will be much easier for you to tame your horse in Minecraft if you earn their trust first.

How to tame a horse in minecraft

To feed it get close to it, hold the food in your hand and press “Use” to deliver it. You can also give it wheat or golden carrots.

Once you have fed it try to tame it, for this you just have to press the “Use” button with an empty hand, or holding an item that you could not use on a horse. Once you do, you will get on his back and you can ride as long as he allows it.

After a while, depending on how stubborn the horse is, he will throw you off his back. What you should do is keep insisting without stopping, keep giving him food and continue riding on him.

Don’t give up! If you insist, at some point a cloud with hearts will appear over the horse’s head, this is how you will know that from now on it will be your faithful steed.

Now it’s time to get the most out of your Minecraft tamed horse, so you can explore with your new best friend.

Third step: Equip your tamed horse

It’s time to customize your horse and that’s why you tamed it, right? It will be useless to have your own horse if it continues to look like a wild one.

 how to tame a horse in mincraft

First, you should look for a chair in a nearby town. Equip it for your new pet.

Then it will be your job to get your horse armor, enemies can harm it, so you should protect it. It will also look like a whole workhorse and will combine more with your character.

You can get Minecraft horse armor in some chests, by purchasing it, or by making it yourself.

Horse armor cannot be enchanted, but you can customize and paint it to your liking.

Advantages of taming a horse in Minecraft:

  • The first advantage is obvious, you can ride it as long as you want without it rejecting you or leaving you while you’re gone.
  • On the other hand, you can advance much faster , the horses will always be faster than your character.
  • The third advantage is that you jump much higher and further if you are on a horse, you only have to press the jump button, a much more powerful jump will be loaded.
  • Finally you will be able to use any tool if you are on a horse, there is no restriction while you are on your faithful companion.

For more advantages than we name you, the best thing about taming a horse is being able to explore the world riding on your steed, which will also carry the super cool armor you created for it.

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