How to make a Piston in Minecraft

Updated: August 26, 2020
How to make a Piston in Minecraft

Hello Gamer! Today we made this guide on Minecraft to tell you all about the pistons. You will learn how to make a piston in Minecraft, where to find its ingredients, the difference between pistons and their many uses.

In Minecraft there are two types of pistons, one is simply called “ piston ” or basic piston. And the other is called the sticky piston.

As you can imagine, the difference between the sticky piston and the normal piston is quite simple: The piston has the ability to push blocks only. On the other hand the sticky piston can both attract and push blocks.

You can use a piston to create hundreds of mechanisms within the Minecraft universe, your imagination is the limit. A piston allows you to create traps, hidden areas, automatic doors, drop-down tables, or any complex creation that you can think of. Why not a sliding bridge? Or an automatic pig pen? Once you discover how to make pistons your creativity is unleashed.

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At the end of the article we leave you a video with basic and complex things that you can build using normal pistons and sticky pistons.

How to make a piston in Minecraft

To make a normal piston you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Three wooden blocks of any type.
  2. Four stone blocks.
  3. An iron ingot.
  4. A ingot of redstone powder.

You must place the ingredients as we have them in the image:


How to make a sticky piston in Minecraft

To make a sticky piston you first need to have a normal piston. This piston is born from the mixture between a normal and a slime.

You can get slime in swamp biomes or underground from layer 40 on. Remember that slime moves very fast and after you attack them splits, it can be really frustrating to defeat them if you don’t have the right gear.

To create the sticky piston, place the ingredients on the crafting table as follows:

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How does a piston work in Minecraft?


Finally, we present you some useful rules for the operation of the pistons.

  • A Redstone signal , a Redstone torch, or Redstone powder is required to activate both a normal and a sticky piston.
  • Pistons can push up to 12 blocks in a row.
  • In some cases the blocks are too heavy to be pushed by the pistons. You will not be able to push with any type of piston anvils, base stone, or obsidian blocks.
  • With pistons you won’t be able to push neither lava nor water. What you can do is obstruct its flow.
  • Finally and to stimulate your creativity a bit, we remind you that there are many objects that transform when pushed. For example, watermelon blocks turn into watermelon slices, cobwebs turn into ropes, and other objects, when pushed, end up giving rewards.

Since you learned how to create a piston in Minecraft what do you have in mind to do? Leave us a comment with ideas that you can think of or that you have seen on the networks. Only crazy ideas are allowed!

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