How To Use Name Tag In Minecraft

There are a few chest locations where you can find name tags, including dungeons, mineshafts, wooded mansions, ancient cities, and buried treasure.

Our only advice here would be to go exploring and keep your eyes peeled for hidden chests… and pray to the Minecraft gods that luck is on your side!

How to use a name tag in Minecraft

Before you can name something with a name tag, you must first edit it using an anvil. Place the name tag in the left slot of an anvil and start typing in the brownish-yellow text field just below where it says “Repair and Name” on the anvil menu screen. This process will cost you 1 experience level, however this is an amount that will be easy to come by.

After changing the name tag text, the element itself will be renamed with the text you entered on the anvil. Now go up to the mob you want to name with the new name tag in your hand and use it on them. This process will consume the name tag, but it will also permanently name the mob you used it on. When naming a mob this way, you cannot remove that name through normal in-game means; you will have to use cheats.

How to find name tags in Minecraft

Name tags are one of the few things in Minecraft that you can’t create. Instead, you will have to find them in the world through various means.

The first and most recommended way to find name tags is to go fishing. If you have a Sea Luck Fishing Rod and Lure enchantments, find a Water Source Block and throw it to continuously reel various items. These items can be anything from junk food like leather boots to spell books and name tags. Please note that this is a rare drop, with a long shot of coming from water. The luck of the sea, however, helps the odds.

Easter Eggs:

Easter eggs are very common in games and Minecraft is no exception. With the name tag, you can find many Easter eggs, some funny, some cool, some scary, and some just heartwarming. You can check them out yourself:

  • Renaming the nametag to “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” and applying it to a mob will turn any mob upside down.
  • Naming a sheep “jeb_” will cause the sheep’s wool to change color and give it a rainbow effect. By harvesting the wool, it will give the wool color of what the sheep originally was.
  • A bunny named “Toast” will change the bunny’s texture to a commemorative texture for the missing bunny girlfriend of a xyzen420 user.
  • A vindicator named “Johnny” will enter a Killing Rampage, killing all mobs and player perceptions. He will even kill Wither and Ravager. He will not attack Ghasts or other Illagers. This is a reference to a scene from “The Shining”.

How to use a name tag?

  • Players must first put it on an anvil and set the tag name.
  • After that, it will consume EXP and the name tag will activate.
  • Players can take the name tag in their main hand and click any monster they want to name, turning it into a named monster. These will not go away.



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