How to make invisibility potion in Minecraft

Once you have a fermented spider eye and a night vision potion, it’s time to start brewing the invisibility potion. Follow the steps below to create an invisibility potion in Minecraft:

  1. Open the brewing menu and place gunpowder in the fuel slot if there is currently no fuel in the brewing stand. Then put the night vision potion in the empty bottle slot. You can place up to 3 night vision potions.
  2. Add Fermented Spider’s Eye to the ingredients slot and wait a few seconds while it brews.
  3. Once completed, the Night Vision Potion will turn into an Invisibility Potion. Click and drag the invisibility potion to your inventory to complete it.

How to Make Fermented Spider’s Eye

You need to place 1 Spider’s Eye, 1 Brown Mushroom, and Sugar on the workbench in exactly the same way as in the image below to make the fermented spider eye.

How to make an invisibility potion in Minecraft

To make an invisibility potion, you will need to meet some prerequisites. You will need a Brew Stand which is crafted on a workbench with a fire rod in the middle of the workbench and a row of cobblestones, cobbled deep slate, or black stone below. You will also need a Blaze Rod to craft Blaze Powder, which will be the fuel source for the Brew Medium. After that you will need glass bottles which can be crafted by creating a V shape with 3 glass blocks on the crafting table. After that, fill them with water. The best way to do this is to have an infinite water source or a waterlogged block nearby. Now that you have all the prerequisites, this is how you prepare an invisibility potion.

You must first create night vision potions to create invisibility potions in Minecraft. First get the golden carrot, its main component in night vision concoctions. You need to collect carrots to produce a golden carrot. Villages can contain them, zombies can sometimes drop them, or they can have chests in shipwrecks or loot towers.

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